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Featured Gear

VacuTech’s Amazing New PULSAR Electronic Pump
Features both Fixed and Pulsar exercise modes
with 5 expertly crafted routines built-in

Save over $100 US on special deals!



General Stores

BoyzShop is the all-male toy store. Pumps, cockrings, butt plugs, harnesses, slings ... you name it!
Support this great new affiliate for the Pumper's Guide.

eXtreme restraints has all the S&M toys you can think of, plus a whole lot more.

offers every imaginable toy, and some you'd never have imagined! Also videos, lube, dongs, thongs, condoms.

Gay Sex Toy Warehouse
stocks dildos, thongs, lube, novelties (like the ejaculating butt plug).



Thickwall offers a great selection of specialty tubes for advanced pumpers,
and will even custom-design for you!

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Vacutech offers a full line of pumping equipment, manual and electric.
Most of my gear is Vacutech and I've been very happy with their quality and prompt service.
I love my thickwalled tubes and the VT900 electric pump.
Good guys to deal with!

YinYangChi specializes in custom ballpumping cylinders. Built-in gel / foam gaskets combine the stretching of a 2-stage with the comfy fit you want for long sessions. Innovative cylinder designs, very reasonably priced. Also cock pumps, and gear for female pumping. The site promotes pumping as meditation and sexual therapy.

Note: Clayton's gear is a labour of love, not a manufactured product, so the finish and durability may not be as good as you can get from a larger manufacturer. You're supporting creativity here.

Clit pump... nipple tube

MasterE makes the Monster Tubes, hinged tubes for massive cock and ball pumping
MasterE would like to hear from you!


Full line of pumper-friendly underwear, swimwear, thongs.

Backlash Leather

Leather that fits you - any part of you - like a glove. Every kind of gear a pumper could want, including harnesses with custom-fitted cockrings, weighted leather ball stretchers, even a chainmail ball pouch. They sell direct over the web at wholesale prices. Let them know I referred you.


Custom-fitted condoms from Condomania

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XTREMECOCK is Marko's webstore, featuring his own videos and other pumpers and injectors.
The vids show them pumping up, showing off, and getting it on with other guys.
Also offers on-line video clips.


Awesome machines drive dongs in deep. Some of these guys also pump cock!



Gay / Bi

Marko's latest video fuck


More Porn


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