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VacuTech’s Amazing New PULSAR Electronic Pump
Features both Fixed and Pulsar exercise modes
with 5 expertly crafted routines built-in

Save over $100 US on special deals!

Beercan Shaping Elliptical Cylinders

For Advanced Pumpers

Elliptical thickwalls from Vacutech. FEEL THE MASS!
Recommended for extra length.
You pack faster into this shape, and the thickwall anchors into the groin to help stretch the suspensory ligament.
Sleek design with a rounded lip makes it comfortable for long sessions.

Thickwall offers a great selection of specialty tubes for advanced pumpers,
and will even custom-design for you!

Sponsored by Vacu-Tech
Vacutech offers a full line of pumping equipment, manual and electric.
Most of my gear is Vacutech and I've been very happy with their quality and prompt service.
I love my thickwalled tubes and the VT900 electric pump.
Good guys to deal with!


Other Pumps

Travel Pump
Breaks down for easy packing in its own travel pouch. Bulb-style pump OK for occasional use.

Beginner Pumps

Get the feel of pumping before you invest big bucks in serious gear.

John Holmes plunger-style pump
with diaphragm gasket.

Tiger's first pump - served me well for a several years of off-and-on pumping. Cover the "safety release" airhole and you have a decent pump.

Available with instruction guide or on its own. Also now available with a thicker gasket probably more comfortable.

Power Grip Starter Pump
Easy-to-use remote-plunger style with soft latex gasket. OK for water pumping.
Pistol-grip with Pressure Gauge
I don't know if the pump is a MityVac - looks like one, only black instead of the standard white. Also available with inner jackoff sleeve.
Kaplan Starter Pumpset
This definitely is a MityVac II, with a high-quality acrylic cylinder. Also available with a second fat cylinder for beginner cock-n-ball pumping.

Suction Toys

Pump that sucks, strokes, and vibrates
at the same time. The perfect combo!
Vibrating Stroker Pump
Basically the same as RoboSuck,
just a different design.
Pump that sucks, strokes, and vibrates
at the same time. The perfect combo!


MasterE makes the Monster Tubes, hinged tubes for massive cock and ball pumping
MasterE would like to hear from you!

The Suspender stretches you all day, under your trousers. Feel those tugs with every step you take!
Made by the folks who invented the Hydro Pump.


The Cock Electric


Electrostim for the Cockhead

Fit this baby over your head and into your spunkhole for intense thrills, inside, outside and all around.

from BoyzShop


Electrostim for the Cockhead

Want to drive the head wild but without penetration into the spunkhole? Try this one bud !

from BoyzShop


Electrostim for the Rosebud

And for fun at the other end, try this unique rimming machine. Eletronic tongues "lick" you until you're crazy hot. Then you can crank up the electrostim charge to finish yourself off !

from BoyzShop


Posing Gear


Hillcrest Swim

The Pumper's Thong. Email Will to special order.



Full line of pumper-friendly underwear, swimwear, thongs.


Backlash Leather

Leather that fits you - any part of you - like a glove. Every kind of gear a pumper could want, including harnesses with custom-fitted cockrings, weighted leather ball stretchers, even a chainmail ball pouch. They sell direct over the web at wholesale prices. Let them know I referred you.

International Jock
carries jocks, thongs, spandex, activewear.
Call it the Poser's Depot.

Unico Fitted Brief

Really enhances your package.
Excellent support and fit - but snug -
get a larger size than your normally wear, and if you're going to wear it when pumped, be sure to get it extra large.




For her, slip this baby into her cunt and work it around with your finger.
For him, roll it around behind the balls, or work it into your butthole
(halfway in is best) and then pop it out as you start to cum!

offers every imaginable toy, and some you'd never have imagined! Also videos, lube, condoms.


Cock Jewelry

Penis Plug

Slides easily into your spunkhole and locks in place like a butt plug for your dick. Nice solid feel inside you. The ring makes you look pierced. You can piss or cum through a hole in the tube.



Cock Crown Glans Ring

Wanna just let fly, and shape your shroom? Try this wide glans ring. Contoured to give you an extra nudge with every thrust!



Cockhead Cylinder

Pump up that head to maximize the look and feel of your glans ornaments!

from BoyzShop


Spermstopper Glans Ring

Unpierced guys can have fun controlling ejaculate too! This glans ring has an adjustable arm with a ball that fits as far into your spunkhole as you want it.





Super Head Honcho

Tiger loves practice-fucking into this gel sleeve. 3 suction chambers grab the cock on every thrust!

from BoyzShop


Fantastic New Toy!

Electric jackoff sleeve synchronizes with man-man or man-woman porn vids!

Hey guys, if you get one of these, lemme know how you're enjoying it.
Hey -- send me a vid of you using it!


Electro Stim Cock Bands

Wrap 'em round your rod and feel it rise and then start throbbing as the electrostim works its magic. Pounding hands-free orgasms!

From ExtremeRestraints


The Pleasure Wand

Tiger's new favorite toy. Variable intensity vibrator stimulates your prostate from inside and out. Just slip the shaft up your butt, position the nub behind your balls, and GO! OH OH OH!

LIMITED TIME OFFER: 20% off at Boyz Shop until March 31, 2010
Enter Coupon code: PROSTATE

from BoyzShop


The Steel Hanger Butt Plug

Explore your P-spot while hangin' your cylinder.

from BoyzShop


Male G-Spot Massager

Pump yourself up and get yourself off from the rear, with this unique anal stimulator. As you do your kegel contractions, it massages your prostate and presses on your g-spot from the outside. Then ... Bang!

LIMITED TIME OFFER: 20% off at Boyz Shop until March 31, 2010
Enter Coupon code: PROSTATE

from BoyzShop


Train Yourself to be a Power Bottom!

LELO Bob Prostate Plug

This new prostate stimulator is fast becoming a top-seller as men learn how effective it is. Slides in easily but works you like a big dong. Wiggle it using the handy ring and it fires up all those sexy nerves and reflexes around your anal sphincter, your penis bulb and prostate gland. Before you know, you'll turn into a bucking-bronc bottom!

from BoyzShop


Cyber Twister

Masturbator with an internal rotating black CyberSkin sleeve. Two multi-speed vibrating bullets fit into CyberSkin cock ring. Cylinder measures 8.5 inches long and 2.5 inches wide. Black CyberSkin sleeve is lined with ticklers.

From SexToySex

Male Masturbator

Ram it into his tight but accommodating ass. Play with his hard little cock as you fuck him home.

From SexToySex

Cock Sleeve

Slip this 4.5 inch fattie over yours and then stroke and twist. Or put it between two pillows and fuck fuck fuck!

From SexToySex


Adonis Pouch

Vibrates your unpumped balls and dong while you fuck. Gotta get me one of these!


Rings and Cinches

Keep your head pumped up and drive your partner wild!


Gates of Hell

Strap your pumped boner into a set of interlinked rings and feel your pump effect in each segment as you stroke or fuck.

from BoyzShop


Ya gotta be hard to push your way into a nice tight hole!


Turn your cock into a thick vibrator!



Get your cock hard and your balls tight - everything ready for your buddy to lick!

More cockrings at Boyzshop


Dongs and Buttplugs

The Ass has to learn to open up wide !
Train your bottom with this three-piece set of butt plugs.


Train the sphincter's pleasure response with anal beads.
A great way to magnify a jackoff gasm!

The secret to a great buttfuck is stimulating the prostate.
Sensitize your bottom's prostate to fucking pleasure with the passive Aneros stimulator.
Learn how to cum in the bum with this combination prostate-scrotum vibrator. Later on, the top can wear this while fucking, to get a sense of the agonizing ecstasy he's giving his bottom.
OK, basic training's done. But we're talking pumper buttfuckers here.
Get him ready with this big boy!

Get on the Bull

Settle on and ride that horny bull until your ass is buzzing!



Multi-Function Buttplug

Take it deep and feel the vibes all the way from your prostate to your cockhead. 10 levels of power, and 5 built-in programs ramp you up to ecstasy.



Aiden Shaw at Your Service

Meet your new best buddy. Lube him up with some good head, then grab him by the balls and work him deep inside you. Press his suction cup to your desk and ride him!



Raw Power

The Man Rammer gives it to you straight. No gimmicks, just girth, length and muscle-power.



Buttfucking Gear

Doggie Strap

Do it Doggie or Y. Grip your bud where you need him while you pound away and watch him writhe !

from BoyzShop

Hey, it's hard work bottoming!
Make it easy to get and stay in position with fuck furniture.
Advanced buttfuckers know the extra fun a sling brings to the action.

Inflatable Fuck Lounger

Cuff your bottom (or yourself) onto this anal torture bed, doggie or missionary style, wiggle into position on one of 3 included dildos, and rev up the motor to pound that ass!

from BoyzShop


Train the sphincter's pleasure response with anal beads.
A great way to magnify a jackoff gasm!
Unless your top is into scat, you'll wanna clean yourself out good beforehand.
What size rubber does a pumper need?
You really wanna bareback? Try these first.
Anal-Eze desensitizes the rectum so he can take It in without that initial shock. The prostate remains fully sensitive.
Lube, lube, lots of lube! For anal, get one that's latex condom-safe. Tiger's all-time favorite (after olive oil!)
Spike anal lube comes in its own applicator.
Ya gotta be hard to push your way into a nice tight ass!

Gay Sex Toy Warehouse
stocks dildos, thongs, lube, novelties (like the ejaculating butt plug).


Nips Work

Play with those Pumped Up Nips

Hang a pair of these wireless vibrating eggs from your fresh-pumped nips!



Nips Cupping Set with Accupoints

And now for something completely different. Everything you need to pump and play with your buddy's nips. Includes handy pump, nipple tubes, and a special extra ... accupoint stimulators that provide pinpoint pleasures!



Nip Training Clips

Build bigger nips by pre-stretching them between nip pumping sessions.


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