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Tiger's Guide to Pumping

By Tiger Dave, Pumper
Updated November 9, 2002


Pumping with warm water in your cylinder helps you expand faster and for some reason keeps your cock fresher so you don't have to take breaks as often. Also, the water pressure counteracts suction, so you get the same displacement (and therefore expansion) with less suction on your dick. Hope that makes sense - anyway, it means you have less of a problem managing the pressure.

The trick with water pumping is to avoid accidentally drawing water into your pump. Be sure the hose is above the water line before you stroke!

Start by warming your tube in hot water for a few minutes. Then fill your cylinder 1/3 to 1/2 with warm water - as warm as your cock finds comfortable - too hot and you'll get a water blister on your cockhead. How much water you use depends on how big you'll get in the set.

As you expand, you may need to drain off some water to maintain an air space so you can keep pulling. To drain off you can squeeze a finger into the cylinder at the base.

When you pump with water you'll find that you don't need to lube your cock (except for milking) and you may not need lube to get a good seal. I don't use lube myself. Sometimes bubbles rise in a stream but I find this tickles!

The best water pump of all is to do it in a hot-tub.

ACME's Mityvac with catchment for waterpumping

John1 pumps his curved stalk in water while wearing a latex cockring.

UnCutTex packing in water.

If it's too heavy, strap it up.

Hey Charlie trapses about in his Horn Sphere.

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