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Tiger's Guide to Pumping

By Tiger Dave, Pumper
Updated February 6, 2005


Pumping fills your cock with fluid, so the more fluid you have available in your body, the better (within reason, of course!). The day you pump, be sure to drink plenty of water so you're not at all dehydrated. I also find it helpful to drink extra water while I pump.

If you're going to pump wet (something I recommend, because you'll pump up faster with less pressure), pre-soak your tube in hot water.

Soak a cloth in hot water and wrap it round your dick to warm it up.

Here's a great tip: While the cloth is soaking in hot water, don a jockstrap. Squeeze out most but not all the water and stuff the cloth into the mesh pouch. If you're gonna ballpump, be sure to stuff the cloth down so it gets under the balls. Now you can walk around while warming up for 5, 10 or 15 minutes. Before the cloth cools too much, reheat it under running hot water. Repeat 2 or 3 times until you feel ready to pump!

Once you're warm, lube up and milk yourself 20 strokes (see MILKING instructions below).

By the way, warmth helps you pump up faster, so it's a good idea to wrap your tube in a hot towel or heating pad. Or best of all, pump while relaxing in a hot tub.


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