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Tiger's Guide to Pumping

By Tiger Dave, Pumper
Updated October 8, 2006



Here are a few things you can try to get more out of your pumping. If you have some tips of your own, email me and I'll consider adding them to the list. There's also "penispumpertips egroup" on-line for asking questions and sharing technical advice.





Get Big without Overpumping A lot of guys ask how to get REAL BIG without overpumping. Ultimately, it takes a lot of time, experience and technique. But here's a simple guide to getting it right...As long as you don't overpump during any one set, you'll be able to do more sets and get bigger than you ever dreamed possible! So how do you avoid overpumping during each set?Three Rules:

  1. Pay very close attention to how the pumping feels. It should feel pleasurable at all times. As soon as you feel an ache, too much stretch or other pain, ease off the pressure until it feels good. Then get up, walk around, shake or milk your tube until your cock feels "eased". Bring the pressure back up slowly.Make sure you can get rockhard in the tube and during your breaks. As long as you can do this, you're not overpumping, so treat yourself to a boner every couple minutes. Don't confuse getting hard under high pressure with getting a natural erection.
  2. Quit while you're ahead. A veteran pumper can do hour-long sets because he knows by feel when to take a break. The best clue that you've peaked for the set is extreme arousal. This is gonna make you want to pump harder and harder. Give into it man - but only briefly. That peak time will give you more expansion than the whole rest of your set, but at the highest risk of overpumping. You feel like you could cum if you just pulled a little harder, so you do ... and you keep doing and doing, until you overpump. Give yourself a few quick pulls, enjoy it for a couple minutes, but then force yourself to take that break and look forward to the next, even higher peak!

These rules apply whether you're cock or ballpumping, and trust me, they work! But they don't come easy, especially when your prostate and your cockhead are telling you to drive them to a gasm with more pumping. Discipline, boys, discipline!



Prevent or Remove the Donut
How to Pump Balls Only

The all-time most popular pumping question is "How do I keep from getting a donut?" Another popular one is, "How can I pump just my balls?" I never had a really good answer to either, until now! The other day, I was marathon pumping cock and balls, and my cock had a giant donut and was getting fatigued from all that suction, just as my balls were really starting to love it! I was going to have to stop, but really didn't want to.

Suddenly, I had an idea. Being in an ASTJ, I had plenty of room. I could slip my stroker sleeve over my cock and use that to reduce the pressure on the cock, while continuing to pump the balls. My sleeve is made of thick silicone, with internal ribbing so it grips the shaft under suction.Somehow I worked my big donut dong into the sleeve — no lube, because I didn't want it slipping off — and got back into the nice warm water in my ASTJ.

As I pumped up, I knew instantly that I was onto something. I was pulling hard, but my cock felt only a slight, pleasant suction - very relaxing. That set was 60 minutes of serious effective time on the balls. Man, they enjoyed it and pumped up good! I was pulling hard enough to make my prostate buzz, but my cock was takin' it easy.When I pulled out, the sleeve held onto my cock and I swung it around for fun. Then I stroked it some, and pulled it off to inspect myself.

To my amazement, my donut was almost gone! I did several more sets wearing the sleeve, and got my balls up to near record size for me. Great session! At the end, my cock was still pumped but no donut. I rewarded myself with a good stroking! Since then, I've warn the sleeve when pumping cock and balls in a str8 tube or ASTJ, with or without warm water.

So get yourself a masturbation sleeve bud! Make sure it has internal ribs so it stays on under suction. Getting the sleeve onto a thick pumped up cock is tricky - especially if you have a donut already.

To don the sleeve:

  1. Turn the sleeve inside out as far as you can.
  2. Probe your pumped-up cocktip into the hole and ...
  3. Slowly unroll the sleeve back over your dick, pulling forward slightly to stretch the shaft.
  4. The ribs will grip your corona and shaft so that it stretches out even if you're sconced in a big melon!

I got my sleeve at CatalogX years ago. They don't seem to have 'em any more, but you can try the Pulsatron sleeve, which is also ribbed.

Tiger wears a ribbed masturbation sleeve to prevent the donut and pump balls only.

My melon and my donut started to form about the same time.

I donned my stroker sleeve to take the pressure off the cock.

Like magic, the sleeve reduced my donut !

The final result - a BIG melon but less donut than I had a couple hours earlier (pic at right)


Measuring for Success

For maximum results, you need to keep yourself focused on gradual progress over a long time. GoingforNine suggests marking a length goal right on your tube. When you reach it, move it further out 1/8".

Give yourself time to reach that new goal - maybe a month!
But 8 months later, you'll be 1" longer.
And four years later ... hmm ... mmm mm !



Marathon Ballpumping

Because the cock pumps up faster than the balls, a lot of guys find they have to overpump their cock (huge donut, cannot get an erection, maybe even sore) to get their balls real big. Here's a couple ways to get in more hours of ballpumping.1) Use a balls-only tube. After pumping up the cock and balls fairly big, you should be able to stuff your sac into a 2.5" or 2.75" straight tube and pump them without sucking in your cock. Once they pack that tube tight, go into an even larger tube, just like cock pumping. By this method, you'll get a long tubular sack, rather than the huge grapefruit typical of Suntea Jar pumping.

2) For that huge grapefruit, try a split marathon session. This takes advantage of the fact that after pumping, the cock loses volume much faster than the balls. Pump for 2 or 3 hours, then take a 3 hour break. Massage the cock the get fluids out faster. Repeat as often as you like. Each time, both cock and balls will pump up faster and bigger than before, but the balls retain more fluid between super sets, so they bloat up even more than the cock.




Wrap your cock in a warm, wet cloth both before and after pumping. Wrapping beforehand helps you pump up faster, and wrapping afterward helps you stay pumped up.Here's a great tip that makes it easy to warm up for 10 minutes or more. While the cloth is soaking in hot water, don a jockstrap. Squeeze out most but not all the water and stuff the cloth into the mesh pouch. If you're gonna ballpump, be sure to stuff the cloth down so it gets under the balls. Now you can walk around and do stuff while warming up. Before the cloth cools too much, reheat it under running hot water. Repeat 2 or 3 times until you feel ready to pump!

Wrap your tube in a hot towel or heating pad to keep it warm, or pump while relaxing in a hot tub. Warmth around your cock not only feels good, it improves blood circulation, so you pump up faster. It also helps keep the blood supply freshly oxygenated, so you can do longer sets.



Vibrating Heat

NNyx writes:

I am a 45 year old male just getting into pumping. I have been pumping both cock and balls in the same tube for a week now.

I bought a HOMEDICS vibrating pad. This has different settings for vibration and heat. These vibrating pads are approx. $60 at most stores (KMART, WalMart, Target,etc).

When I pump, I turn the pad on and it vibrates the tube (and the rest of my body) very well. It can be set on a timer up to 45 minutes.

Produced a nice orgasm this afternoon....



Quick Heat

BB has found something less messy than water, and more convenient and safe than a heating pad. He writes:

I found something good to heat up the tube. It is called a "bed buddy" and you put it in the microwave for about 2 minutes. It is used for sore muscles, esp. around one's neck. It apparently has some sort of beans inside that heat up. I use it a lot. Better than running tube under hot water and better than a heating pad.



Infra Red Heat

Kit has another way to accelerate expansion:

I first apply a cream over the penis, the cream is called: LARGO it has been about for quite a few years, you only need a tiny amount, just enough to put a thin film of the cream over the entire penis. The cream contains nicotinimide which makes the blood vessels in the penis expand.After carefully massaging the cream into the penis for around 5 to 10 minutes, you need to gradually pump your dick taking care not to put too much pressure on it, pumping daily for at least three or four days, by which time your dick should be swelling up nicely and you will find that you can keep your dick under pressure for quite long periods of time.When you can do this, the secret is to use an infra red lamp. Do several pumping sets over a period of around 1 to 2 hours, and by that time your dick should be reasonably swelled up. You then turn on your infra red lamp and stand with your dick still pumped up inside the tube about 9 inches to a foot away from the lamp and allow your dick to heat up. If you feel a stinging sensation that gets too uncomfortable then you turn around and heat up the other side. You will actually feel your cock growing and you need to then pump more!Keep this up as long as you feel comfortable and you will be amazed at the results! I increased my dick from 4.3/4 inches to 10.1/8th inches in around 6 weeks.

The secret is that infra red doesn't just heat up the surface of your dick, it penetrates at least an inch below the surface and increases the blood flow to an amazing degree! You can actually feel your dick growing!




At the start of your session - especially if you're new to pumping - you may not get a good seal even if you lube heavily. And toward the end of a long session, your groin can get sore from the cylinder digging in.You can solve both of these problems by using a rubber gasket on the cylinder's rim.Some bookstore pumps come with a gasket you can salvage to use with medium-girth tubes.You can get a sized gasket called a "comfort pillow" from Yinyangchi. The only disadvantage to these is they conceal part of your cylinder so you cannot perv yourself as much as you'd like.You can literally roll your own gasket. Pumper Steve suggests you fold several layers of cling wrap around the rim of your cylinder to build it up and soften it.

I've made a gasket and "magic mouth" from a length of mountain-bike innertube. This works fine for tubes up to about 2.25" in diameter. See the do-it-yourself pump diagram at the right. First you build up a flange on the rim by wrapping it with electrical tape. Cut a 4 - 5 inch length of innertube, and cut 5 or 6 slits 2 inches long in one end. The slits will allow your cock to expand inside the rubber sleeve. Fold the innertube over the flange with the slits on the inside of your cylinder. This works great for jerking off in the tube.

How to make your own pump.



As you pump, do Kegel contractions to increase bloodflow into your cock. To do Kegels, you squeeze the PC (pseduo-coccyx) muscle behind your groin. You already know how to do this - it's what you do to stop urinating. Regular Kegeling is good for your prostate, increases the intensity of your orgasms, and makes you shoot farther. Do 5 - 20 contractions in a set. I like to do 7 short contractions in a row, rest a few seconds, then do 3 long contractions.



Milk Your Prostate

Slow Loris has discovered a great new tool for the pumper - the Aneros Prostate Massager. It's like a dildo, but contoured to milk your prostate gland when you perform Kegel contractions. Good for your prostate, and feels awesome while you pump! Here's how to do it. Pump yourself up some first to get yourself ready for some intense pleasuring. Before you start of your second set, lubricate and insert the massager in your butthole as the manufacturer suggests. Keep it in there through a second set of 15 - 20 minutes, without moving it. Works best if you pump while seated upright on a chair with a padded seat.

Your ass adjusts to the Aneros over time. When you start your third set, do a couple quick Kegels to see how it feels. If you're ready, it should feel kinda like having an orgasm. If you're not ready, wait a couple minutes and try again. To milk your prostate, alternate long slow Kegels with quickies. Adjust the massager's accupressure arms to stimulate your anal area. Enjoy that bumpy ride man!

Note from Tiger: I ordered one of the prostate massagers and have enjoyed using it, although I haven't been able to produce an orgasm just by kegeling with it. As butt plugs go, this one is very easy on tops like me. It slips in without effort and produces a nice warm fuzzy sensation in your ass. As you kegel, you feel rippling sensations deep behind your penis. You get extra hard and produce more precum than usual - just like pumping! :-)

You can buy the Aneros Male G-Spot Stim / Male Anal Trainer
from BoyzShop.

The loop at the front stimulates the G-Spot from the outside,
while the ribbed plug stimulates the prostate directly.
The loop at the back enables you to wiggle the stim for extra pleasure.


Butt Plug

Here's an extra, suggested by Ralph.

"The use of a butt plug or dildo adds pleasure and seems to make the vacuum pressure go up quicker. One nice thing to do is to sit with your legs spread and pump while using the dildo and pumping the pressure up and down until you cum."

For maximum ecstasy, try a vibrating dong.



The Male G-Spot

The tips on prostate milking, kegels and butt plugs raise an important point (and I don't mean your cockhead!). A man's groin and anal area is one big mass of sex nerves. If you've ever had a truly volcanic orgasm, you noticed how you felt it right from the tip of your cock to the buns of your butt, and deep into your ass, right up to your belly button. These same nerves that give you ecstasy when you cum can be stimulated to get you there. Bottoms know all about that, but most men don't enjoy having their ass probed. Still, any man can enjoy stimulation behind the balls that will help you shoot like an AK-47. Read on.

What is the Male G-Spot

You've heard about the female G-Spot, and maybe you've even become expert at triggering it. But did you know that men have one too? It's not as sensitive as the female spot - but then, sensitivity is for ladies, ain't it? The male G-Spot is a small area about 1 inch behind your balls. It represents a concentration of nerve endings that stretch from the bundle of nerves around your prostate. This nerve bundle reaches out to all areas of your groin and backside, so you can enjoy all aspects of humping and being humped (presumably a useful behavior among social primates).Stimulating these nerve endings indirectly stimulates the prostate. The prostate gland drives your orgasm as it pumps out your semen. A nerve feedback loop signals your brain to release endorphins so this pumping action doesn't hurt but instead feels real good. Stimulating the prostate makes it pump harder, which in turn intensifies the feedback. Result - an orgasm that literally blows your head off.

How to Work It

I first discovered my G-Spot while experimenting with a vibrating butt plug. A girlfriend of mine had given me a plug and for awhile I really got into wearing it while fucking. It seemed to increase my orgasm, although it also made the pumping sensation kind of fuzzy, which I didn't like. One day, while masturbating with the plug in place, I noticed that I really enjoyed having the flange press against the flesh behind my balls. I popped the plug out and just pressed it around there. Bingo! When I came, I pumped out ropes of semen with an intensity I hadn't felt before. From then on, I always stimulated that area when jacking off. I could even cum just by "nubbling" the G-Spot with my knuckles - I didn't stroke my cock once.I call the entire backside region, from the balls to the top of my butt cheeks, the "Rimming Zone." Straight and bi men will be pleased to hear that buddies can enjoy rimming one another without ever putting the tongue into the asshole. In fact, the most exquisite place I know to be licked is the G-Spot, so this is my first recommendation for working it.Lubrication and tickling with tongue or fingers is a great way to warm up the G-Spot. As you get into the action of stroking, sucking or fucking, continue to work the G-Spot with fingers, lightly pressing and rubbing it.A vibrator will also activate the G-Spot. Don't use it for too long, however, as it will numb the nerves.My favorite technique I call "nubbling". With bent knuckles, lightly punch the G-Spot, then press it and rotate the hand so the knuckles massage it. If you like anal penetration, you can finger fuck while doing this. Intensifiy the action as you near orgasm. Ease off a bit but continue the action through your orgasmic explosions.

How to Develop It

You can sensitize your G-Spot and train yourself to react to it more fiercely. Some guys have a piercing called a "guiche" - a steel ring through the G-Spot. Any action, including just walking around, moves the ring and stimulates the spot. This random stimulation adds a little something extra to your day, and trains you to be more sensitive to G-Spot pleasure. But a guiche is very painful at first, and poses a high risk of infection.You can get much the same effect by wearing a thong. A well-designed thong will have either a steel button or bunched up fabric on the strap where it contacts your G-Spot. This design is no accident. Walking, exercising or fucking in your thong will give you guiche pleasure.

Pumping also develops the G-Spot. As you pump up, your cock swells inside your body as well, and your suspensory ligament stretches. This action stimulates the prostate nerve bundle. If you're an experienced pumper, you've felt this "deep pump" sensation that I also call the "pumper's high". As it intensifies, you feel you're well on the way toward an orgasm, and become convinced that you'll cum by pumping alone.Even if you don't cum in the pump, you'll find that it trains you to focus more on G-Spot pleasure.

AskMen.com has an article on introducing your wife or girlfriend to your g-spot.



Increase cum volume

I have found ballpumping for 3 hours or more increases volume, whereas cock pumping increases gasmic intensity. Being horny for long periods also increases volume: I once shot 5 huge ropes onto my chest — each about 18" long — after a full day of pumping and chat.

Cum is rich in vitamins and minerals (maybe that's why some guys like to eat it! :-p). There's about 6 mg of zinc in the average wad. I recommend you take a zinc supplement, or a blend of cum-related herbs and minerals called Semenax. Either that or feed off your buddies! ;-{p<0==O



Thong Pumping

Here's how to combine thonging and pumping to maximize your G-Spot.Get yourself a leather or vinyl thong with holes for your cock and balls (either one hole for both, or separate holes will do). The one I use has two holes. Make sure you get one where removing the front cover leaves the butt strap in place - some thongs have a built in cockstrap or cinch that is not attached to the butt strap. But you'll need the strap attached for thong pumping.I tooks some photos of my first thong pumping session.Get into your thong - and be mentally prepared to have difficulty getting back out, once you pump up! Remove the front cover. Get yourself comfortably seated, with the butt strap just snug, not too tight. Use extra lube on your cylinder, because the thong will hold back the groin flesh that normally seals your pump. In fact, you never get a really good seal thong pumping, until you're totally packed, so it really works only if you use an electric pump.Pump as usual, but shift around on your butt to produce some butt strap action over the G-Spot. As you pump up, pay attention to your G-Spot sensations, both where the buttstrap presses it, and deep inside where your inner cock is engorging.

Do this routine a couple times a week, and stimulate your G-Spot during sex. You'll find the G-Spot effect increases each week.

Thong pumping with Tiger Get yourself a thong with holes for cock and balls
Pump up! ... and show off your low-hangers!

Swing those low-hangin' eggs buddy!


Tick Marks

Draw tick marks on your cylinder, or on a piece of tape, so you can see just how long you are during your session. This will focus and motivate you. As you max out, you'll be able to see the tiny increments in which you expand at each pull.



Use Water Level to Measure Progress

Tick marks track length, but you can also track your volume (length and girth combined).You'll find an article at Pumptoys on how to do it while waterpumping. You put tick marks on your pump, and fill it with enough water to cover your cock completely when you lie back. As your cock expands, it displaces the water, raising the level.




Get yourself a digital camera and take photos throughout your session. You'll be thrilled to look at them later, and you'll see yourself getting bigger over the weeks and months. You can publish your photos on the web at Newart. Pumpers love to see one another's results.

FireFighterEMT takes great photos of himself while pumping
EMT starting out unpumped.

EMT's base is packing in water.

EMT seems to be levitating! Obviously, he feels pretty good right now.


Vary the Pressure

In a recent experiment, the lads at Pumptoys found that lowering the suction to 1" Hg for 1 minute out of every 5 increased enlargement by 30% over the session. They explain this in hydrodynamic terms: under suction, the blood vessels and vessicles that allow fluid into your package will tend to pinch. Easing off the pressure allows them to open back up, allowing more inflow and hence expansion. This experiment certainly agrees with my personal experience. I like to vary the pressure even more often than that, and to work at different levels and ranges over the set.



Pump Less

Here's a good one you probably haven't thought of! In general, you're always trying to pump bigger than last time. But once in awhile, try pumping less. Then check out the quality of your erections for the next day or two. There's a good chance you'll find yourself bigger and harder after the light session. Pumping less helps you find your optimal pumping level at a given stage of your career. Of course, long-term, you're cock will gradually adapt so you can pump harder. But along the way, you want to pump just enough to get progress; pumping too hard will actually set you back.



Build a Base

If you start out BIG, you'll be able to get REAL BIG that much faster. No brainer. So build a base for your gains by pumping moderately 4 or 5 times a week. This will keep you handsomely big all the time, and when you want to get HUGE on the weekend, you'll be halfway there already.

I find that pumping nearly every day, but only for 30 minutes or so while I eat breakfast, has a cumulative effect of making me bigger and bigger over time. I don't get HUGE during these sessions - I don't try to, because I want to avoid overpumping. So I keep the pressure easy. But my "base" gets bigger - at least up to a point.

By doing this, I find I can get REAL BIG in about 60 minutes. HUGE still takes hours of marathoning, but that's how it should be when you for a personal record.

So build that base, bud, enjoy a full pair of trousers every day, and look forward to stretching your jock on the weekend!



Walk Around

When the suction "takes", your tube will stay on by itself, so you can get up and walk around. This looks and feels real good, and improves circulation and stretching.



Lean Back

A lot of guys pump while surfing the net or otherwise working at the computer. Good time management, but one thing to watch out for is leaning forward too much. This is bad for your back of course, but also bad for your pump, as it reduces blood outflow. It's especially hard on the cockhead, which swells up too much and may blister. Lean back as often as you can - your cock will thank you!



Point Downward

Here's one suggested by Derik on the Newart boards, that struck a chord with me right away. One of the key principles of pumping is to maintain good circluation. In general, pressure on the groin reduces blood outflow - that's why some guys make a V with their hand on the groin above the cock while masturbating, to get harder. When pumping, we want a good outflow, so reducing the pressure of the cylinder against the groin helps. One way to do this is to have a wide, soft gasket.

Another very simple way is to angle your tube downward. I often do this during a session, just because it feels better. Now I realize why - I'm getting better circulation. Pointing downward is especially effective when milking the tube.



Ball Flopping

Here's a ballpumping trick Clayton taught me to make the balls enlarge faster by stimulating circulation. Jiggle the cylinder up and down, or lift it an inch and drop it, so the balls flop against the bottom. Good for the cock too! Especially effective when using a 2-stage or suntea jar. It tickles and shocks the balls, and before you know it you have to draw off more air because you're bigger!



Rock Your Suntea Jar Until You Cum

Gary in Laguna Beach sent this tip. You can use it in a suntea jar, Monster (Jr) tube, or 2-stage.One night last winter... I had been pumping balls in my STJ for quite a while... couple of hours maybe... so I was pretty huge already. I was watching a very hot porno movie and sniffing poppers and getting myself into a frenzy... started bucking my hips in a fucking motion... and discovered that with weight of the jar rocking back and forth behind my balls, was beginning to get me off.

I pumped up to a higher vacuum as to not break the seal... and continued to rock the jar, until I came... it was wild... the vacuum seemed to suck the cum right out of me, and it just splattered all over the bottom of the jar. It was hot... and I have done it a number of times since then.

Try it next time you're up hard inside your jar!



Chomp on a Stogie

If you're a cigar man like me, you'll enjoy this one! What's better than combining your favorite vices? Pumping and cigar smoking have a couple things in common - they take you away from the cares of daily life, are best done at a leisurely pace, and give you a good boner!

I've tried smoking a stogie while pumping, but I found I wasn't paying full enough attention to the smoke to justify burning an expensive Cuban stick. Instead, I find it ideal to smoke a little before the pump session, and then chew on the stogie as I pump. The pre-smoke puts me in the mood and makes me more pleasure-receptive, especially in the balls. The smell and taste as I chomp the stogie stimulate a faster pump response and keep me from getting bored during a long session.



Curing Petechia

Petechia or "pin-cushion spots" - tiny blood blisters or bruises caused by burst capillaries in the skin. They can heal in a couple days, or spread and last for weeks or even months. The glans is especially susceptible, as the tissue there does not stretch easily. I've had repeated bouts of petechia on my glans. The best way to avoid petechia is to control your pressure according to your sensations - if you feel pinpricks or localized pain in the glans, immediately back off the pressure and stay below that level until your cock is really stretching out. Warming up the cock, and pumping in warm water also help. Once you have petechia, stop pumping for a couple days. If it doesn't go away, I have found the best cure is actually to start pumping again. Pump moderately for 15 - 30 minutes every day, light pressure, no pain. Before and after the pump, coat your glans with sticky hand creme like George's or Noxema. These are more healing than lube or light cream.

George's cream can also help prevent petechia. Slather it over your glans before pumping. The cream helps the tissue expand easier, but also seals the skin against the vacuum pressure.



Traveling with your Gear

From YFronts at the Newart Forum

I am one of those guys who seaches bags at Hartfield Airport. So I know what I'm saying:

  1. Bags that are checked are hand searched at random. So yours may not be searched at all. A sure way to have your bag searched is to buy your ticket the same day you travel. Buy your ticket in advance.Carry on baggage is more subject to search than others.Any item that is denied boarding is not conficated. You simply can not fly with it. So if the inspector does not like it take it out of your bag and hand it to a friend to take home. If you want to fly and don't have a friend to give the items too they are thrown away and you may fly as long as they are not in your bag.
  2. If your bags are searched ask that a man do the checking...you can only request but this would help as most guys at the airport would know what a penis pump is and not have to go running to a supervisor.

Hawaii Pumper suggests that if Security asks you what you've got there, tell them it's a bilge pump for your sailboat, or some hydroponic equipment.



Pumping for the Family Man

When you have a wife and kids, it's tough finding the time to pump - but even tougher finding a place. Here are some tricks worked out by your fellow family men.

  • Get yourself a bachelor pump buddy. This solves the problem, so long as he remains a bachelor! Besides that, buddy pumping is more fun and gets you bigger.Undertake a complicated shop project that keeps you working in the garage late at night. You can wear your cylinder as you walk around, and your gear will blend into all the other paraphernalia. When you finally come to bed, your wife will be amazed at what carpentry does for your manhood.If you have a truck or SUV, pump on your way to and from work. You may get some strange looks from truckers in semis - but you can bet that more than a few will hail you as a fellow traveler.
  • Find yourself a plot of land where you can park and pump on your lunch hour. When I lived in California, I often went mountain biking at noon and came upon guys parked in the woods. I didn't look inside the vehicle, but I could guess.

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