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Tiger's Guide to Pumping

By Tiger Dave, Pumper
Updated October 1, 2000


Divide your pumping session into sets. Beginners (less than 3 months' regular pumping) are best off pumping in 3 short sets of about 15 minutes each. Intermediates (3 - 24 months) can go for more and longer sets (e.g. 5 x 30 minutes). Vets can do as they please; I milk my tube a lot or use a pulsating electric pump, so I pump in a single set of anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours, but if I go longer than that, I take a break.

During the set, you gradually raise the pressure as your penis expands.

With each set, you raise the pressure a little faster, to a higher level. Take it slow though. Raise the pressure when you feel suction easing off (because your penis has expanded). Raise the pressure once every 3 - 5 minutes early on, and once a minute or more toward the end of the set.

The easiest way to tell whether you are doing it right is to pay attention to how you feel. At all times you should find the level of suction pleasurable and not a strain. If you have a pinching or burning sensation or an ache, milk the cylinder (see below), back off the pressure, or end the set.

Toward the end of each set, the you should feel intense pleasure and you should have a rockhard boner. By the time you end off your last set, you should feel well on your way toward orgasm. You have to be careful not to get too enthusiastic and pump longer or harder than you really should; try to follow a disciplined routine. (And don't expect to reach orgasm during a set - for that you have to do some extra work - see CUMMING IN THE PUMP).

Feel free to disconnect your hose and walk around with your tube hanging free, once the suction is firm enough to keep it there. The weight of the cylinder will help you stretch out longer.

Pumpdog before... and after.

Rafael does 4 sets in two different sized cylinders.

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