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Tiger's Guide to Pumping

By Tiger Dave, Pumper
Updated March 21, 2004


To maintain suction, you gotta get a good seal between your cylinder and your groin. Many cylinders have a flared end or rubber gasket to provide more contact area with your groin. This prevents "dig-in" and helps you seal, but isn't enough.

To get a good seal, coat the end of your cylinder with lube. I like to use a tacky skin creme, but just about any lube will do. Don't use a petroleum-based lube if your cylinder has a rubber gasket (OK if you have a silicone gasket, which I recommend anyway for comfort). You'll find you don't really need much lube.

When you enter your tube, press it to your groin and screw it this way and that, to rub the lube into your skin and hair. You'll actually feel a "lock" when you get a really good seal.

Problem is, some guys have a lot of fur in the groin, so air still gets through. You can trim your pubes around the cock's base. If you start with a cylinder just a bit wider than your shaft, this should do the trick, because the base of your penis will quickly pack the tube and perfect the seal. If a trim doesn't do it, consider shaving. If you decide to shave, go for it but make sure you do the job at least half a day before pumping. When you shave, you get tiny nicks that will open up under the suction of pumping. Give your skin time to heal and toughen before pumping up.

There's a Pumper's Shave you might try - look for it in other guys as a "secret sign" of membership in the pumping brotherhood. This was suggested to me when I first started, by a guy with the internet handle "TopStud". Trim your pubes and then shave a small triangluar area where your shaft meets your groin. This looks pretty natural - except to another pumper! - but it makes your dick appear longer, pumped or not.

The two best ways I know to get a good seal:

  • Use a snug fitting cylinder at the start of your session - one that you can pack in about 15 - 20 minutes.
  • Pump every day - do it moderately for 5 or 6 days in a row and you'll find yourself thicker when you enter the tube - you'll seal like magic.

The Pumper's Shave above Tiger's dick. Subtle but distinctive!

Rich shaves all around.

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