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Tiger's Guide to Pumping

By Tiger Dave, Pumper
Updated November 1, 2005


Now that we've covered a single pump session, it's time to talk about your whole routine.

A good pump will make you much bigger than normal for 30 minutes to a couple hours afterward, but gradually you'll return to normal size. You should be noticeably longer and thicker when flaccid for the next day or two, and your erections should be fuller and harder than normal. If you don't get these results, you're pumping too hard.

Personally, I don't believe that pumping will cause your penis to grow permanently larger. Some guys have reported permanent growth, but it doesn't happen for most of us. Therefore, you need to pump regularly if you want to maintain your increased size day to day.

Over the months and years, you will get long-term gains, in that you'll be able to pump up bigger and faster. See my results at the top of this document for example.

My routine consists of two types of sessions - pumping moderately for sustained size, and pumping huge for fun and to push my limits. I may cum in the pump after either type of session; it doesn't affect the results. I also occasionally pump up for sex.

For a beginner, I recommend you pump moderately 4 times a week, two days in a row followed by a day's rest.

As a new pumper, you gotta make a habit of it so you'll stick with it long enough to see those gains! So, make it easy for yourself to pump. Choose a time of day when you'll always be able to do your session - no interference. Allow at least 1 hour and do it at least 4 times a week.

Once you gain experience, you can pump as often as 6 times a week, with one day of rest. Three sessions should be moderate "maintenance" or pleasure pumping. Two sessions should be to "get big". Once a week - or once every two weeks, depending on your stamina - get yourself HUGE.

Don't make your routine too "routine." I find it good to keep my cock surprised! Sometimes I go easy, sometimes I go harder.

I try different routines now and then. As in weight training, a change is good for you. Most often I pump 2 days on, 1 off. But I also like to pump moderately 5 days in a row, which keeps me large all the time. I even tried pumping every day for about 3 months and that worked fine, so long as I took it easy all the time. But I like to GET HUGE now and then, which means you have to take a break afterward.

The cock, like any tissue, needs recovery time, otherwise tissues break down. Pumping does cause some micro-tears in tissue, which need repair. But if you take it real easy, you can pump every day, as I mentioned above.

What does "moderate" mean? It means pumping at least until you get harder and bigger than your normal full boner. At most it means pumping until you pack and stretch, but you don't get near your biggest ever pump. In any case, you pump only so much that you can still get a full erection a few minutes after you pull out.

Pumping Huge means going beyond your usual limits, to a massive bloated size that looks great but isn't very useful. If you masturbate at the end of your session, you might get hard just before you cum, but you're not likely to be able to get an erection otherwise. You want to pump huge now and then so you can experience the extraordinary sensations, discover your limits, refine your technique, and make your cock more stretchy so you can pump bigger in your moderate sessions.

Pumped cock takes on a characteristic shape depending on how far you go. Check out the typical shapes for each stage of pumping. As you gain experience, you can roll your own!

If you find the quality of your erections goes downhill, go easy on the pumping or do it less often. Whatever works for you.

When I pump for sex, I go just long enough to get a bigger than usual boner and make myself more pleasure sensitive. Normally I will have done a regular pump within a day before, so I can pump up real quick to this level.

Your routine should also include milking sessions and Kegels. Even though you milk during your pump session, you can benefit from a full session of milking (100 - 150 strokes) 3 or 4 times a week. Find out how much "exercise" your cock can tolerate - cut back on milking or pumping if your erections diminish.

Do Kegels every day: try 5 sets in a row, 5 short contractions during the first two sets, 5 long ones (15 seconds or more) during the middle set, and 5 - 10 short ones during the last two sets. Do this two or three times during the day, for example when driving.

Keep yourself focused on gradual progress over a long time. That leads to maximum results. GoingforNine suggests marking a length goal right on your tube. When you reach it, move it further out 1/8". Give yourself time to reach that new goal - maybe a month! But 8 months later, you'll be 1" longer. And four years later ... hmm ... mmm

Finally, I find it helpful to take a week off now and then. When I get back to pumping, the first session feels real good, but the second one is spectacular.

Tiger's 2001 Routine
Sep 29, 2001

Hi Guys,

I had a funny dream the other night.

I was attending a Pumper's Convention at a nature camp. While the speaker droned on, I noticed an attractive young woman walking among the crowd, adjusting things.

Turned out she was a doctor, and she was fitting guys with wooden splints on their poor overpumped schlongs!

Everyone in the crowd was pumping, moaning and groaning through the speech. Even the speaker was pumping, moaning and groaning while he droned on about some important topic.

Everyone but me, that is! The Lady Doctor came by and peered down disapprovingly at my unpumped member. I told her I pump on a routine - 2 days on, 1 off. "Tut tut" she said, wagging her finger.

"To get RESULTS, you have to pump every day for 3 weeks, then take a week off."

This was radical advice to me, the Prince of Moderation. All I could do was nod - in appreciation of her authority, and the curves I could detect under her lab coat.

When I woke up I remembered the dream vividly. I usually take this to be a Sign of Something.

So I decided to give the good Doctor's advice a try.

I've pumped every day this week since Tuesday - that's 5 days straight now. So far, it's GREAT! My cock feels pumped all the time, I get good solid boners, and I'm horny as hell.

I did a full 2-hour pump Tuesday night, but since then I've pumped in the morning while I eat breakfast. I do 2 or 3 sets for a total of 30 - 60 minutes. I take it easy but I do pump up considerably - more each day.

I know, I was only dreaming... but I'm going to follow this routine of hers for awhile to see how it works. I'll do one or two big pumps a week, but mostly just the short breakfast sessions.

Will let ya know how I make out!

- Tiger

John takes exquisite photos of his lightly pumped, veiny cock.

UncutTex's pumped contours.... another pumper with a long skin

CGNBalls pumps it all. Man, you gotta try nipple pumping.

Tiger's bloat.... 2 hours later, a beercan boner too heavy to stand up for the camera... 48 hrs later, a pumper's "unpumped" boner, kegeling.

Caging the Tiger the morning after a pump. You can get this device from CatalogX.

Tiger pumps up over 3 sets on Day 5 of his New Routine

1 hour post-pump. Those are Master-E style pumper pants I'm wearing. Not high fashion, but great for pumping on cool days.

Den's phat cock moderately pumped.

Mattop pumps up, using a leather strap throughout, and then lounges with his fat heavy results.

TexPack relaxes in a balloon-like thong.

Hans packs his pumped meat in leather.

Bill pumps in full leather.

Bischorsch displays his massively pumped package.
Bischorsch writes from Germany:
Bi, masculine, stocky bullpumper looking for mature, bi,
married men who prefer to fuck a real macho man with their big dick.

These guys go all out with the leather stuff.

Elmar stimulates his cock electrically to get off after pumping.

A thong or bikini brief like Tom wears is a good way to show off your pumped basket. Feels good too.

After a couple more months of pumping in his MonsterJr tube, see how much bigger Tom is getting.

Tom in his MonsterJr... and the result.

Awesum... hangin big and heavy... long enough for two hands... packing his shorts.

Pumpdog's results.

Master E, inventor of the renowned Monstertube, achieves a fascinating symmetry of cock and balls.

Ian pumps up a fat cock, melon balls, and his wife.

Campbell pumps it up and puts it to good use.

Pump buddies Sct and Mosse.

Rob Smith's champion pumped, dockable schlong.

Rob Smith's fashion show.

Another champion schlong ... the "other" Uncut Tex.

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