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Pumping by Design

Understand How Your Shape Changes
as You Pump Up

Updated November 1, 2005 by Tiger Dave  


Cock Pumping Stages


The diagram shows the cock at four distinct stages of pumping up. Stage 0 in the diagram is unpumped.

  1. Pumped Core: The cock's erectile tissues (corpus cavernosa) are engorged with blood and comfortably stretched just beyond their normal maximum. The cockhead starts to fill out, becoming more conical. This makes the cock feel real good, because that maximum is normally reached just prior to orgasm.
  2. Pack: This is what all pumpers aim for – the whole cock is pumped up, core and skin. Contours are even, making it look like a tubesteak, and it fills out to the cylinder's sides. The cockhead grows squarish, and the spunkhole opens up wide. The cock feels great, and kind of itchy due to the stretching – it's the kind of engorgement you get after hours of foreplay and cocksucking.
  3. Pumper's High: As the suspensory ligament relaxes, the shaft stretches out to its maximum length. The foreskin or its remnant swells up into a "donut". Deep tissues at the cock's base start to pump up, stimulating the male G-spot (the prostate), which produces the "pumper's high" – you feel like you're about 1 minute from orgasm, but the feeling can go on for hours. Large beads of precum form at the wide spunkhole, and then hang in long sticky ropes. This is the addictive part of pumping!
  4. Bloat: You reach your maximum size as the cock skin – especially the donut – swells massively with lymph fluids. The cock takes on a classic coke-bottle shape, and may hang in a Z-bend with the cockhead upturned on the donut's dewlap. The meatus (flesh around the spunkhole) swells up like a clitoris. The cock feels spongey with a deep hard core. Orgasm is inevitable, but takes hours of pumping, or tens of minutes of stroking and sucking to pull off.

Ballpumping Stages


If you think the cock changes a lot as it pumps up, check out the balls ! As the diagram shows, they look completely different at four stages of pumping up. Stage 0 in the diagram is unpumped.

  1. Big Eggs (aka Bullballs): The testes engorge with blood and lymph, bringing them to the size you remember from your horny peak fucker days. The suction and weight has stretched the ballsac ligaments so they swing like a bull's. The balls feel very alive and ready to generate long ropes of sperm. Eggs are the perfect complement to a tubesteak cock.
  2. Melon: The nuts continue enlarging more slowly, while the sac fills up big with lymph, taking on the classic rounded melon shape at 10 - 15" girth. The sac feels wonderful when you pull on it. Doing the dirty dog helps it relax and stretch out further. Some groin is pulled into the pumped area, so you start to develop the Pumper's Y shape. Most veteran ballpumpers routinely pump up a melon.
  3. Pineapple: The nuts are at max size and the sac is huge, packing the walls of your jar so it takes on a more cylindrical shape with 12 - 18" girth. The weight is incredible. The pumped up nuts have been busy making extra sperm, and you can feel a huge load building in your prostate, which is excited from the pumping action.
  4. Bullbag: The ultimate extreme ballpumping. Multiple marathon sessions can bloat up the nuts beyond their normal limits, and stretch the sac to incredible size and weight, upwards of 22" girth.

Combo-Pumping Stages


These days I recommend pumping cock and balls together. The diagram shows typical side-views. Stage 0 is unpumped.

  1. Packed / Big Eggs: Getting so thick softens the cock's curvature, and the blockhead is pushed up slightly by the donut. Heavy-laden balls and a tingling prostate spew out ropes of precum.
  2. Bloat / Melon: You can reach melon balls while cock is still packed, but usually you're well on the way to a bloated donut. As the Pumper's Y expands, the cock becomes "sconced" inside it, shortening its forward reach even though it is longer overall.
  3. Bloat / Pineapple: The best in pumping! Your cock is huge and heavy, and your balls are so full you could fuck a hundred times before emptying them! The donut is so big it distorts the cock to a Z curve, and pushes the cockhead almost face-up.

Choose Your Shape


From the diagrams, you see that you can pump yourself up to a great variety of shapes. Most pumpers aim to get as big as they can, but as you gain experience and control, you'll want to pump up to suit the occasion. For example, before cunt-fucking, you might want a packed cock and bullballs, so you get a snug fit and cum hard. For man-on-man cocksucking, however, you'll want a pumper's high so your buddy can play with your donut. For man-on-man buttfucking, you'll want a big melon or pineapple so you can bang your solid sac against his.

If you constrain the cock in a silicone sheath during later stages of pumping, you can keep it at the packed stage while bloating up the ballsac. This diagram shows the combo pumping stages as they would appear with cock held at packed. Nice look, eh?

A couple other sheaths you can check out: Pocket Penis and Cock Stroker Butthole.

My personal favorite is in-between stages. I like bullballs filled out with extra fluid in the sac, so my balls swing with a good mass when I fuck. For the cock, I like the combination of thickness and solidity you get when packed, but with a moderate, symmetrical donut ring. The donut identifies me as a pumper, and grips my partner's love canal on the outstroke, giving him or her an extra thrill on every thrust (me too!). Plus, nothing is more luscious to suck on than a good donut!  
What shape do you want, bud? Tell me about it!  

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