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Tiger's Quick Guide
Cock Pumping

by Tigerdave, Pumper
June 17, 2001; updated November 1, 2005

Hi man,

So you want to pump your cock, or bone up on technique?

You've come to the right place man!

If you want to read pages and pages and pages on this stuff, just head over to my Online Pumper's Guide. But if you just wanna PUMP UP THAT COCK of yours, read on. I've distilled everything I know about pumping down to the essentials for the man in a hurry. By the way, click here if you wanna DO YOUR BALLS.

The Theory

Even though you're in a hurry, you can stand to learn a little theory, right?

A man pumps by inserting his cock into a cylinder and removing some of the air. As the cock expands, he pumps out more air. Eventually the cock fills the entire tube and the pumper goes into a larger tube to get even bigger.

Think of your cock as a tough balloon. If you put a balloon inside a cylinder you can make it expand in two ways - by blowing air into the balloon, or by sucking air out of the cylinder. The same idea works on your cock. You draw air out of the cylinder by stroking the pump, and your bloodstream fills your cock with fluid so it expands. To keep it expanding, you keep drawing out more air.

You cock has 3 ways of expanding. Inside the shaft are two inflatable bladders called the corpus cavernosum (cavernous body). These fill up with blood to give you a boner. Pumping literally sucks on the cavernous bodies, so you get a bigger boner. But pumping works another way to make you really fat (or "phat" as pumpers write it). The soft tissues of your penis are very stretchy. As you pump, they slowly balloon up with lymph fluid. After a lengthy pump session, these bloated soft tissues give you a huge cock that feels soft and spongey around a hard core. If you're uncut, your foreskin will bloat enormously, looking like a donut (but you can prevent that - read on).

So far I've explained why pumping makes your cock fat. What makes it get real long takes awhile to happen. Your cock is held in place by the suspensory ligament. Ligaments stretch very slowly. Pumping, with occasional changes in pressure, applies just the right tension to stretch the ligament. After about 45 to 60 minutes, it will relax and you'll get lo-o-o-ng.

The first thing you're going to notice about pumping is it feels great. Your sex nerves have a feedback mechanism the drives you toward orgasm. As you get stimulated, your cock swells up and gets harder. And as it gets harder, you get more excited and stimulated. By bloating you, pumping triggers this feedback loop, gets you horny and makes the precum flow like crazy. Pumping by itself does not generate enough sensation to make you cum, unless you play with varying the pressure at high levels for quite awhile. This is dangerous. So if you want to cum, you need to augment the pumping with other stimulation, such as stroking the cylinder, using a vibrator or watching really good porn action.

The biggest danger is overpumping. Pumping puts strain on your tissues and on the valves that control the inflow and outflow of blood in the cavernous bodies. If you raise the pressure too quickly, pump with too much pressure or for too long, you can damage your cock in several ways. You can produce tiny tears in your skin. You can burst tiny blood vessels and get red spots called petechia or even large bruises. You can burst skin or soft tissue cells and get blisters. You can strain or damage the valves and lose erection hardness. These effects wear off in a couple of days to a week. But if you repeat your mistakes, eventually the damange could become permanent. So take it slow and easy, bud!

The best way to enjoy pumping without having to worry about these problems is to do it in moderation. Make sure that you can get a good hard erection during each set in your pumping session. If you pump right, you should be able to get harder afterward than you were before. That's why my slogan is Get HUGE & Rock HARD


OK, so you've decided to go for it. Now you need some equipment.

If you just want to try it out, it's OK to get yourself a cheap bookstore pump - you can buy these over the web, too. I recommend the John Holmes plunger style pump with the black rubber gasket. If you cannot find it, get one that is at least 8 inches long and 1.75 or 2 inches in diameter, preferably with a rubber donut to press against your groin. Toy pumps don't maintain pressure very well, and you'll want to cover the emergency release hole with a piece of electrical tape. Fold the tape at the end so you can peel it back to release pressure.

If you want good inexpensive gear, go to one of the websites that specialize in pumping equipment and get yourself a basic flared tube and brass plunger pump. Your first cylinder should be about 1/4 - 1/2" wider than your erection.

You'll also need lube. I recommend a liquid lube for your shaft and a tacky semi-solid lube like Nutragena for sealing the gasket to your groin. Don't use Vaseline as it corrodes rubber.


You got your gear, now you're gonna pump!

First you warm up. Wrap your cock in a warm moist towel for a minute or two. Then get it in the mood by gently milking. I've learned a better way to milk than the jelq technique promoted on the web. Apply lube to your shaft. Make a V with your index and middle fingers and wrap it around your shaft. Gently squeeze your fingers from the fuck finger to the pinky, so the squeezing action works its way along your shaft, drawing blood toward your cockhead. Twist slightly as you squeeze. Your cock will feel great and swell up even before it gets hard. Milk for a couple minutes.

Now you're ready to pump man!


You should be good and hard from milking. But you need good circulation to pump. Erection slows the outflow of blood, so I find it best to be semi-erect. Generously apply the hard-tack lube to the base of your cylinder. Slip it over your cock and press it to your groin, twisting to work in the lube. You can get a better seal if you trim or shave your pubes. You also get a better seal if your cylinder is just slightly wider than your erect cock. If the cylinder is too wide, suction will pull in scrotum - ouch!

OK, now you're in. Pull about 1/2 stroke on the pump to remove a little air and produce a gentle suction. Notice how it feels - good I bet! Watch your cock as it slowly expands in response to the suction. After about 30 - 60 seconds, it stops expanding, because it's equalized the air pressure. Pull on the pump again to produce a firmer suction. Your cock will expand again. Leave it for awhile until you no longer feel a positive suction, then pull again. If you have a pressure gauge, you'll see that your suction is at 1 - 2 in Hg. Pull on the pump whenever you feel the suction subside, but try to keep the pressure light (about 2 in Hg) for the first 10 minutes. Then gradually raise it to a firm but comfortable level (about 3 in Hg) over the next 5 minutes.

If you take it real easy on the pressure at first, you'll be able to pump up harder later on. But if you start out too aggressive, you'll never make it. For a brutal analogy, think of silly putty. Pull it nice and slow and you can stretch it a mile. But pull too quick and it snaps! Same thing with your tissues.

As you pump, occasionally stroke your tube up and down (like jerking off) and notice how it gives your cock some good sucking action. Not only does this feel good, it also refreshes the blood supply.

When you get to about the 12 minute mark in your set, stroke the tube continuously and get yourself good and hard. Do some Kegel contractions (those are the ones you do to stop the flow of urine, or make your cock salute the flag). Really enjoy the pumping sensations in these last minutes of your set. At 15 minutes or so, ease off the pressure by working a finger into the gasket or peeling back the release cover. Then quickly bring the pressure back up to full and stroke that tube! Repeat this a few times. You'll feel fantastic and swell up quickly. After about 20 minutes, it's time for a break.

Pull out of the tube and take hold of your cock. Feel how thick and heavy it is. Notice how sensitive the skin feels. Try swinging it around and feel its weight. Or slap it against your thigh.

When you're done playing, milk it for a couple of minutes and then give it a rest for a couple. If you're foreskin is starting to develop a donut, massage it until the swelling goes down.

If this is your first time pumping, I suggest you end your session here and enjoy yourself by jerking off. If you've had more experience, do another set. As you get used to pumping, do more and more sets. With each set, you'll pump up fatter and longer. It takes awhile for the suspensory ligament to relax and start stretching, but once it does, you'll lengthen amazingly. And you'll get a delightful sensation behind your balls, called the "pumper's high".

It's easy to tell your limit. Just be sure that you can get a good hard boner toward the end of each set. If it starts taking longer to get a boner, or you feel "tired" or achey, quit right then. As you gain experience, you'll learn how to vary and control the pressure to pump longer, get bigger and bigger, and reach higher states of ecstasy.

At the end of your session, wrap your cock in the warm towel again for a couple minutes to ease off any aches and keep it bloated. Then slather your dick with vitamins E and A from gel capsules, to help your skin get strong but supple.

You'll find that pumping makes you very horny. Go ahead and jerk off or have sex with your favorite partner. Pumping makes your cock more sensitive but slows down your orgasmic response. A double benefit!


Pumping works best if you do it moderately and regularly. Aim for the shape you want.

Here's a good routine. Pump once or twice a day for a total of about 1 hour in the tube (but only 20 - 40 minutes if you're just beginning). If you don't have much spare time, try pumping for 15 minutes when you get up in the morning, and another 15 just before bed. Pump 2 or 3 days in a row, then take a day off. That means about 3 or 4 times a week. Take 1 week off every month.

Follow a regular routine like this and you'll make some great gains.

Some guys say they've grown permanently huge. I've been pumping for several years and I haven't grown like that, but still my gains are obvious to me. I can now pump up much bigger and faster than I used to. But after a few hours most of the effect wears off. My size, flaccid and erect, remains noticeably larger than normal for up to 3 or 4 days. I've permanently gained maybe 1/2" in girth and 1/4" in length.

Document your progress. Keep a diary on your sessions, noting down what worked and what didn't. And keep a record of how big you get. Get yourself a digital camera and take some pics at least once a week. And hey, email me your pics and I will publish them on my website.


You'll pump up faster if your cock is warm (heat promotes swelling). Try wrapping your tube in a hot towel or heating pad. Better yet, fill your tube about 1/3 with warm water. Not only will this provide heat, but the water pressure will counteract suction on your skin without reducing the overall suction on your shaft - so you can pump at higher pressure with less damage to your skin. Just don't use too much water or you'll end up spraying it all over the place!

With experience, you'll be able to pump up big enough to pack your tube. When you pack, your cock fills the entire tube side to side. Now all the pressure is on the cockhead, pulling you lengthwise. This helps you lengthen, but the pressure on the glans can cause water blisters or even burst capillaries (big red spots that take a long time to heal - I know, I've had a couple in my day!). Therefore, once you pack, I recommend you work the pressure up and down for a couple of minutes to exercise the ligament, but take it easy! Don't spend more than a couple minutes packed. Take a break and get into a larger tube.

An experienced pumper will have 3 or more tubes. The narrowest tube is about 1/4" wider than his erection. Each subsequent tube will be 1/4 - 1/2" wider than the last. Some veteran pumpers can work their way up to tubes that are 2.5 or even 2.75 inches in diameter. That means they pump up to a girth of 8 or 9 inches! My normal size is 5.5" long by 5" around. The biggest I have ever pumped is 7.75" long by 8" around. What a beercan!

Here's how to make yourself cum in the tube. This technique is kind of risky because you're packed, so I recommend it only for experienced pumpers. You need to pay close attention to your feelings and have the discipline to stop when the strain gets to be too much. Quit if you feel any soreness in your glans.

The technique works like this. Pump for a good long session to get yourself very stretchy and stimulated. Go into a smaller cylinder and pack it tight. Ease off the pressure slightly so you are loosely packed. Now jerk the cylinder, producing lots of action on your dick. As you get more excited, raise the pressure to increase the intensity of the action, and ease off to prolong the session. Rapidly adjust the pressure up and down to drive yourself wild. As you get closer, point the tube more downward as your stroke. When you're about to cum, pull on the pump for one last suck and the cum will jet out of your spunkhole!

Well, that's it buddy. I hope this info helps you
to get the most out of pumping.

For more info and pics galore, head on over to my
Online Pumper's Guide

Send me your pics and progress reports. Keep in touch!

Get HUGE & Rock HARD Buddy!

- Tiger

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