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Tiger's Guide to Pumping

By Tiger Dave, Pumper
Updated November 26, 2000


Pumping is a leisurely sport - you get good results only if you take your time. But sometimes a guy just doesn't have much time, like when you want to get big before sex, a date after work, a wrestling match, or an unplanned trip to the beach.

If you need to look bigger in a hurry, I recommend you get yourself a Basket Enhancer. I've got one and it looks great in my jockey's and trousers. It's a lot safer than trying to pump up quickly.

Despite all I've said about taking it slow and easy, I do sometimes pump up quick myself, and I'll tell ya how to do it - provided you promise not to make this your regular routine. You're playing with more pressure here than normally recommended, so you have to control it carefully. I don't recommend this for beginners.

To pump up quick, you take all the rules and turn 'em upside down. What you're aiming to do is get bigger but not huge - this method won't work over the time it takes to get really big.

A quick pump session lasts 10 - 20 minutes. After 20, I pack my narrow tube.

Here's the routine.

If possible, wrap yourself in the warmup cloth as usual.

If being greasy is not a problem, lube yourself and milk your dick 20 strokes.

Now we start to break the rules.

Don't apply lube to the end of your cylinder. You want a poor seal this time!

Slip yourself into the tube and take a couple short strokes on the pump to get to the same pressure you normally would about halfway through your first set. Firm but not aggressive suction.

Because you're not sealed, the pressure will ease off. When it does, pull again. What you're doing is pulsating suction, like the CTC electric pump.

After a few repeats of this, gradually increase the pressure. I gauge my pressure by feel. The right feel for a quick pump is an itchy sensation in the foreskin area. Guys restoring foreskin will be familiar with this sensation from tugging - it's the feel of growing skin.

Increase the pressure until you itch, then wait as the air to leaks out until the itch goes away and pull up again. Each time you'll pump a little harder. Keep it itchin' and you'll pump up.

As usual, watch for darkening or pain and back off or take a short break. During a quick pump you're more likely to feel a burning sensation - this is ok over a minute or so, but back off if it persists.

A quick pump feels pretty damn good, so you better be strict about your time limit, otherwise you'll overpump. Give it 10 or 20 minutes and you'll be impressed - see my photos of a 20-minute pre-wrestling session.

After 7 minutes of quick pumping... and after 10 minutes.
Kinda misshapen at this point, eh!

After 20 minutes... the pullout, and the results.
Here's Rafael's 20-minute pump...

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