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Tiger's Guide to Pumping

By Tiger Dave, Pumper
Updated August 3, 2002


The key to pumping success is to control the suction.

You need to give your cock time to adapt to it. Start real easy and very slowly raise it, keeping it comfortable at all times. Do that, and you'll get bigger than you thought possible. Try to hurry the process and you'll just end up sore and bruised.

The tissues of your cock are elastic and, to some extent, plastic. For a brutal analogy, think of silly putty, which is also elastic / plastic. Pull it nice and slow and you can stretch it a mile. But pull too quick and it snaps! Same thing with your tissues, at a microscopic level.

So, if you start with very light suction and increase it very gradually, you'll actually stretch more and be able to go to higher levels of pressure than if you get aggressive. I can tell you from experience, earning that 5" Hg max after 2 or 3 hours of discipline is worth it! The sensations are incredible!

The other thing to do with pressure is to vary it up and down. This produces more action in your tissues, improving circulation. Bagman has written an essay "Effective Time", showing how you'll get a better pump in less time by easing off the pressure frequently to open up the blood vessels and lymph vessicles.

Gauging Pressure

Mainly you should go by feel, but here are some approximate vacuum levels in inches Hg.

For every man, start at about 1-2" Hg.

For beginners, always keep the pressure below 3" for the first 3 weeks (that's below the green line if you have a MityVac gauge). Thereafter, slowly raise the pressure to 3" by the end of your second set, 3 - 4" by the end of your session.

For intermediates (6 months or more), end off at about 4" (always stay below the red line on a MityVac gauge).

Vets can go anywhere up to 5" - 7" Hg. Work your way up to this very slowly over the months, always testing your limits. Vets can still get good results finishing at 5" Hg. Sometimes you just want to go higher because it feels so good or you're reaching a new max size.

You can get much the same results at lower pressure by taking more time. Note however that the skin (and foreskin) pump up more slowly the corpus cavernosa, so long sessions tend to increase "bloat".

It's easy to tell if you're using the right amount of pressure and pumping the right length of time. Unless you're doing a special session to get huge, you should always be able to achieve a full erection shortly after pumping. Your erections over the next day or two should actually be fuller and harder than normal.

If you pump too hard or too long, you may find that your penis looks dark or has tiny red spots called petechia. And if you go way overboard, you'll get bruises and water blisters.

A good way to lessen the risk of using too much pressure is to pump wet. Pumping wet gives you the same expansion with less suction.

Probably the biggest pressure problem is overdoing it near the beginning of a session, before the tissues have had time to adapt. The best way to avoid this problem is to get a real good seal, so you aren't overpumping to compensate for losing suction.

Pumpdog's tube has just enough suction to stay on as he walks around.

JimS gets a good pump at moderate suction.

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