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Tiger's Guide to Pumping

By Tiger Dave, Pumper
Updated July 23, 2001


One of your key goals is to "pack" the cylinder so that your cock completely fills it side to side all the way up the shaft. Once you pack, you'll begin to stretch more lengthwise.

Usually it takes quite awhile to pack fully, and when you first start pumping, you may not pack at all. Pumping in a narrow cylinder will enable you to pack sooner.

When you pack, the suction is working mainly on your head. This means it gets all to easy to overdo the pressure. Give your suspensory ligament time to relax and stretch rather than try to force it with pressure, which will only make your head sore, bruised and blistered.

Milking the cylinder, and milking during breaks, will help your ligament stretch more easily. I also find I get the best stretch when I repeatedly raise the pressure and ease it off, on a cycle of about 30 - 60 seconds. That way the head is not overexposed to suction. And each time I pull on the pump, my cock stretches longer than before, even though the pressure is the same.

Once you pack, you can move up to a larger sized cylinder. After you've been pumping awhile, you'll collect a set of cylinders, at 1/2" increments in diameter. Always start with the smallest one that still fits you. After a break, go back in to the next smaller cylinder until you pack it, then switch up.

Tiger starting to pack... very nicely packed

Walking the plank... Deadpirate really stretches out as he packs his tube....

... then his donut fills it out the end.

Tom expands in his cylinder.
Because it's wide, he bloats up quite big before packing.
At the end of this series, he's started to pack the base.
This shows you can pump phat without packing.
The advantage of packing is you get real tubular and stretch out longer.
The disadvantage is you get a LOT of pressure on the cockhead,
which can cause bruises that take a long time to heal.

Rob packing with cinched balls.

Several views of Rob's good hard pack.

Den starts to pack. The pressure is causing the tube to dig deep.

Now Den's whole shaft is packed. His head will start to flare out.

TenOrMoreIsFine packs a 2.5 inch tube.

Watch Caddy start to pack, then fill out until he's hard packed and dug deep in.

Deskenemy packs - nicely contoured head there DE!

Pmpr8x9 obtains a beercan.

Campbell packs his water-filled tube.

Charlie packs from the base up toward his PA... and then he packs his Monster Jr.

HungInLA packs his Monstertube.

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