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Tiger's Guide to Pumping

By Tiger Dave, Pumper
Updated January 29, 2005


The best way to counteract darkening of the skin, aches and strains under pressure, is to freshen the blood supply to the penis. To do this you milk the cylinder.

Here's how. Grasp the cylinder by its butt end and slowly stroke it back and forth. Your cock will feel the suction going up and down. Use short strokes, about 1/4 - 1". The length of the stroke depends on how tight the suction is.
At higher suction, you can stroke only about 1/4". At low suction, you can do 1/2" - 1". The actual distance doesn't matter, so long as your stroke at least 1/4".

Stroke slowly, gently and rhythmically. It helps if you stroke in a small circle up and down (not side to side). Also try moving the cylinder back and forth, side to side, and in slow circles.

Milk the cylinder every couple of minutes, or whenever you notice darkening or an ache. When you're at high pressure toward the end of a set, milk continuously.

When milking the cylinder, use short slow strokes, just enough to feel good and take tension out of the penis. (Once you pack the cylinder, you can use the same technique to make yourself cum in the tube. In that case, you'll want to ease off the pressure a bit and jack off with the cylinder, accelerating as necessary! Raise the pressure again as you get close.)

Try varying your body position when you milk. In particular, you'll find it helps to lean forward or tilt the pelvis downward.

I'm in my new 2-stage as I write this. My horn is rising as I think about milking that tube! Gonna do it now! ;-{p

Milking the cylinder. That's only precum in there, buddy.
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