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Tiger's Guide to Pumping

By Tiger Dave, Pumper
Updated January 6, 2002


Milking is a massage to lengthen your penis by improving circulation and relaxing the suspensory ligament.

A few years ago some college students started a hoax that Arabs practice this on young boys to aid their development. They called it "Jelq" - an obvious play on "Jerk." I haven't seen many naked Arabs, but f you can confirm that they use Jelq and it works, email me!

The action is like milking a cow. Lube your shaft generously. Make a ring with your fingers and slowly pull from the base of your cock to the head, squeezing gently and twisting slightly as you go. The head of your cock should swell up. Pull just hard enough that you feel a slight stretch.

Milking is very pleasurable, and a good supplement or alternative to pumping. You should also milk when warming up (see above) and during breaks. It helps restore a fresh blood supply and reduce the donut effect.

A full milking session can last up to 20 minutes, with 100 or 200 strokes. You may get a boner during the session. In this case, you'll need to squeeze and twist more to keep the blood supply fresh.

I found that a full milking session makes my dick sore, so I prefer to do just a few strokes during pump breaks. I've also learned about a couple of alternative milking methods.

The Uli stretch involves squeezing and twisting the shaft, rather than stroking and stretching it.

Another variation is the Power Squeeze. Chiefy explained this to me on the Newart chat forum.

"Semi-erect, grab penis at base with OK sign. Squeeze firmly and move squeezed hand towards the head about 1 inch and hold for 2 seconds.

Repeat this 5 times, and on the 6th time, hold for 10 seconds. Your dick will get enormous."

Basic milking grip. Also try squeezing the shaft between index and middle fingers.

Milking pull. Take it slow and twist as you go.
Note that you slide the ring formed by your fingers along the shaft.
You DO NOT pull the shaft as in the figure at the right.

After milking 20 slow strokes.

The Uli Stretch version of milking. Squeeze and twist, rather than pull.

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