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Tiger's Guide to Pumping

By Tiger Dave, Pumper
Updated April 16, 2011

Pumping Info on the Web

Hey guys, email me your links!
Pumper sites don't last forever, so if you find a broken link, please let me know.

Since Jan 2011

  • PenisPumpers.org
    Interactive blogging - upload your own pumping photos and stories!
    Webmaster Tim Binder has also edited Tiger's Guide to Pumping as an e-Book.

  • RaunchPig

  • XStr8Guy
    Watch him pump up his basket and stroke his thick manly log until he shoots hot cum all over his hairy bear-chest!

General Information

  • BME World
    All kinds of body modification fetishes.

  • Female Pumping
    Nipples, clits, labia - women do it all. Men no longer have a monopoly on pumping up!

  • All About Sex
    Index to web sites on all aspects of sex. Includes a rating system and a way to add your favorite sites.

Pics Collections

  • Be Brief
    Jimmy's take on men's underwear and swimwear.

  • Big Muscle Bears
    Profiles and pics posted by macho guys.
    Check out PiercedMusclex2

  • Vakuumpumpen.de
    Loads of cock pics, and pumping advice für den Deutsche männer.

  • Hall of Fame
    Guys contribute their cock pics.

  • Monsternuts
    A great collection of pumping and erotic pics. Focus on ballpumping. Lots of how-to information.

  • NaughtyGay.com
    Includes pumpers forum for posting pics.
    You can set up your own homepage.
    Cool layout, multilingual.

  • Newart's Meeting Place Forum
    The most popular place for guys to post pics of themselves pumping and pumped up. Don't believe everything you see, though! Some guys post fakes. Newart is also the longest-running pumpers' forum - a great place to meet other pumpers.

  • PictureTrail.com Online photo album service. Set up your own pump pics website!

  • PumpBoys Photo Gallery
    Bagman's PumpToys site, source of the Suntea Jar Seal, has a gallery of pumpers' self-pics.

  • Vidman
    Pumper videos for sale. Preview pics and detailed synopses.


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Here are some more shopping resources.

  • Big-Penis.com
    Enlargement exercises.

  • CatalogX
    Online man-sex superstore. Videos, toys, condoms, clothes, calendars, books, even bookstore pumps.

  • Forsize.com
    Penis toning and enlargment exercise program.

Forums and Chat

  • Pumper's Video Chat
    Strap on your pump and power up your webcam for a hot pumping session with your buds on-line!

  • PenisPumpers.org
    Interactive blogging - upload your own pumping photos and stories!
    Webmaster Tim Binder has also edited Tiger's Guide to Pumping as an e-Book.

  • Newart
    General and Meeting Place forums, and Online Chat
    The General forum is for posting questions and advice about pumping, but the Meeting Place forum, which allows you to post pics, is far more active, so most guys post everything there. The Chat room has visitors from around the world, but is most active weeknights between 7 and 11 pm Eastern time, and again around 11 pm Pacific.

  • CaliforniaVacuumPumpers is THE online community for California's male and female vacuum pumping enthusiasts! All are welcome: straight, bi or gay. Share your cock, clitorious, or Nipple pumping tips, stories, pump equipment reviews, photos, or just post a personal ad to meet other vaccum pumpers in your area!

  • Canadian Pumpers
    Canucks learn how to pump big through those long winter nights. Meet 'em on MSN community forum, eh?

  • CTC Pumpers
    Community site dedicated to the suck-release pumping style - something I do whether using my CTC, Vacutech or manual pump.

  • Jim's Penis Enlargement Club
    An MSN community website on jelq and pumping. Opened mid-June 2001.

  • Mississippi Pumpers
    Larry from Hattiesburg has set up a new Yahoo group for cock pumpers in the Deep (and Huge) South

  • New Mexico Pumpers Club
    The New Mexico Gay Pumpers will be a loose knit club but will organize group pumping sessions. There's a mailing list/yahoo group connected with the club and club member's contact info will be posted on the club's web site.

  • Pumper Pals
    This would make a great homepage for your browser. It lists the essential pumping sites in a clear, easy to use format.

  • PumpingFrance
    French ballpumper's Yahoo Group site.

  • PumpToys
    General discussion forum, helpful and informative in spirit - so far free of spammers and flamers, so don't tell anyone about it unless you know he's a genuine Pumper!

  • UK Ireland Pumpers
    Community site featuring pump studs from the British and Irish Isles.

Pumpers' Own Sites

  • Ballpumper
    Dutch pumper's personal pumping gallery. As he says "Pumping is my passion!" He also offers to host your galleries for you.

  • BeefyCub
    Pumper, cigar man and all-round masculine dude. Self-pics and artistic photos of muscle men.

  • BigOnes
    Ballpumping is this man's passion, and he has a great collection of self-pix.

    BigOnes has a new album at Picturetrail

  • Bulgemarc's personal website

  • GermanPumper
    Personal pump site. This guy pumps cock and balls in his self-customized Froehle tube. Hosted by PictureTrail.com - you can set up your own pump pics website there!

  • GunnerWorld.com
    Hot attitude and pics galore at this beautifully designed site run by pumper Gunner.

  • Kacor [lost link]
    This young pumper from Eastern Europe has a great collection of self-pix, cocks, cunts, and man-woman sucking and fucking.
    Click here for a pics I collected from his site before it went away.
  • Marko
    Handsome silicone injector offers video tapes and pay per view of extreme pumping.

  • Pekka
    "I am Pekka from Finland!" Long, uncut schlong and lowhangers. Pekka pumps cock and balls at home and at work, and hangs out every chance he gets, even in his car.

  • PumpAid's Pumper Pals Page
  • PumpersRUs
    Bigger is Better - Let's make it bigger together
    Larry & Marc invite you to join 'em in the tube.

  • PumpHouse
    Pump and fetish fun in the UK.

  • RaunchPig

  • TenOrMoreIsFine
    "Vacuum pumps his Dick!" This San Francisco pumper has put together a heart-warming personal statement on the web. Enlightening read and impressive pics to boot.

  • XXL Cock
    Self-pics of a German pumper.

  • XStr8Guy
    Watch him pump up his basket and stroke his thick manly log until he shoots hot cum all over his hairy bear-chest!
Hey guys, send me links to other pumper's personal sites and I will add them to the list!





GermanPumper has his own online photo album




Kacor has ample puckered foreskin.

He pumps cock and balls and then lies back to enjoy his heavy shaft and pumped up skin.

Kacor ready for docking.

Kacor presents other impressive cocks ...

... up close and personal ...

... and in action.

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