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Tiger's Guide to Pumping

By Tiger Dave, Pumper
Updated March 2 , 2001


When you see your cock pumped up like a summer sausage and feel it twice as heavy as normal in your hand, it's amazing. How could it get so much bigger this way than it does when you have a massive hardon?

The answer is Time x Pressure...

When you have an erection, valves in the blood vessels that supply the penis close, trapping the blood so that more flows in than out, until you get hard and reach equilibrium.Your level of excitement determines how many valves close and how tightly, so you start out soft enough that your partner can tolerate penetration, and end up hard enough to drive your partner wild and deliver your load in deep.

If you've ever been erect for a long long time, or worn a tight cock strap, you may have noticed that your cock gets larger than normal, and a little spongier feeling. What you've got going there is a bit of a pump!

When you pump, you create a partial vacuum around your penis, so the fluid pressure inside it exceeds the air pressure around it. Under these conditions, the penis expands until the pressure is equalized; basically, it compresses the space around it and thus raises the air pressure.

The penis has two ways to expand: by filling the corpus cavernosa with blood, and by puffing up the rest of its tissues with lymphatic fluids, which seep into them from the blood vessels. Thus, when you pump up, you'll notice that you stretch out quickly at first, until you have an erection or at least the sensation of an erection. This is your cavernosa filling up. Thereafter, you expand much more slowly, because it takes a long time for lymph to seep into your tissues. At least, it does until the pathway is established - so you'll find that towards the end of your session, the tissues will puff up faster.

Because the cavernosa can fill up quickly, you can respond rapidly and comfortably to fairly high vacuum pressure at the start of your session. But it's a bad idea to start with high pressure, because that pressure acts on ALL your tissues, not just the cavernosa. Therefore, you'll be forcing fluids into your tissues faster than they can adapt, and you'll put too much pressure on your smaller blood vessels.

Instead, you should start with minimal pressure and let your cavernosa fill up at a leisurely pace. As your dick expands, you'll need to withdraw more air from time to time to maintain that level of vacuum. As your tissues adjust, you'll be able to gradually increase the pressure. Increasing the pressure helps you maintain your rate of expansion. But you have to limit yourself to a rate that always feels comfortable, otherwise you might stretch the tissues too much.

When you pump you are trapping blood and fluids in your penis. Trapped blood gets depleted of oxygen, thus starving your penile tissues. Therefore, you need to refresh the blood supply often. One way to do this is to "milk" your cylinder, thereby pump-jacking your dick. Another way is to take frequent breaks from the tube - about once every 15 minutes, or whenever your skin looks dark or you feel achey. You should also start semi-hard rather than fully erect, so that your blood valves are wide open.

During the early stages of your session, your penis elongates noticeably, but it expands even quicker in girth. Basically, you elongate to your normal erect length until you pack your tube from side to side. Thereafter, the vacuum pressure is focussed on your head, pulling your penis forward. From here on you get really long out as the suspensory ligament that holds your penis into your groin stretches. This is when you feel the most intense pleasure from pumping, but again you have to contain yourself - too much pressure for too long may cause blisters or bruising of your head.

A typical pumping session lasts anywhere from 30 minutes (a quick pump-up before sex) to an hour (a nice moderate pump) or several hours (an occasional "get huge" session). When you take it nice and easy, you'll be amazed at how big you can get and how good it feels. Do it right and you'll have bigger, harder erections for a couple days afterward, and you'll fill your pants like you've never filled 'em before!

Happy pumping dude!

Now you've had the theory, let's get on to the practice. But first, more words of caution...

Getting an erection the old fashioned way.
Pumping has the same effect, only more so,
plus it bloats the tissues around the cavernosa and in the foreskin.


Tiger's time-lapse series.

Zeepumper illustrates 4 degrees of pumping - from moderate to fat donut. These are all good pumps.

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