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Tiger's Guide to Pumping

By Tiger Dave, Pumper
Updated July 23, 2001


Release the pressure slowly.

When you're done, chances are you'll be packed. Fortunately, you lubed up before going in, so you can pull out. If your tube is tapered toward the groin, wait awhile for the pump effect to ease off and then you can slowly pull out.

A sign that you've done a good job of pumping is if your cylinder contains long ropes of precum.

Wrap your cock in a warm cloth again to freshen and soothe it. Warmth encourages swelling (that's why you ice sports injuries), so the warm wrap helps you stay pumped up.

To heal and nourish your skin, apply a vitamin rich oil. I smear vitamin E over my cock, especially on the donut and head. If you're going to jackoff, use olive or peanut oil rather than some non-nutritious lube. If you're going to wear a condom, you can oil your donut and head without risk of making the rubber slip off.

Thoroughly rinse your cylinder with warm water, dishwashing liquid optional. Always keep your cylinder clean and looking like new, out of respect for yourself and your equipment.

If you have sex after pumping, the action will tend to drive fluids out of your penis (and I'm not talking about semen here), so you're pump effect will wear off faster. If you want to maintain your donut to stretch your foreskin, it's best to abstain from sex until you're done stretching.

If you want to maintain the pump effect longer, or need help getting fully hard, wear a cock strap over your shaft and behind the balls. You can also try a soft flexible cockring. I don't recommend wearing a hard, fixed ring on a pumped cock, as you may find it impossible to get off. When you wear a ring, keep a close watch for signs that your cock is getting stale.

Caddy wears a ring to sustain the full pump effect a little longer.

Arcadio packs his tube... and then his jeans.

Rob Smith pumped and semi-hard.

Mike wears a wide cockring to maintain his pump.

The perfect pumped up boner.

Charlie poses... naked and robed.

Awesum's awesome results.

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