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Tiger's Guide to Pumping

By Tiger Dave, Pumper
Updated October 26, 2005


Sensations tell you a lot about how your pump is progressing. I've always found that concentrating on how pumping feels makes a HUGE difference to results. It works especially well with Bagman's "effective time" technique.

When you play close attention, you're less likely to overpump, you'll adjust the pressure more often, and it feels damn good!

I think visualization also helps the suspensory ligament relax so you lengthen more. Might also help all the tissues open up.

Here's what you should expect to feel as you pump up...

Doin' it right:

When you make the first pull on the pump, look for a slight, pleasant puffing sensation in your meatus (spunkhole) and frenum (sensitive area on the underside of your head).

As you pull up firmer, you'll feel suction more on your collar (behind the head) and foreskin.

As you really start to pump up, your shaft will tickle and tingle and get warmer.

When you get really pumped (especially after you pack the tube), you'll feel it deep inside behind your balls. This is your suspensory ligament stretching out. This is also when you start to believe you'll get to orgasm.

When you are fully packed, most of the suction will be on your head and the frenum may start to feel intense pleasure.

When you milk the cylinder, you'll feel the suction change mainly in your head, collar and foreskin. When you're pumped up hard, the milking will feel a lot like jacking off with very short strokes.

If you've had a real good pump and gotten yourself big without overdoing the pressure, you'll feel like you're close to orgasm and could get there with just a little more pumping. This is an illusion, but a pleasant one!

Uh oh:

If you start with too much suction or raise it too fast, you'll strain the corpus cavernosa (the tubes that fill with blood to get you hard) and you'll feel an ache or burning on the underside of your shaft.

If you raise the pressure too much, you'll feel a burning in your cockhead and frenum. You'll also get petechia (red spots on your shaft) but you won't feel these forming.

If you pump your donut too much, you'll feel soreness in your foreskin.

If you pump too long without a break or milking the tube, your dick will ache.

If you pump too long and hard, you may get sore around the base of your shaft. When you'll pull out, you'll see a red ring there due to the cylinder or gasket digging into it.

Doin' it right: Zeepumper pumps nice and fat and is able to get erect
while pumped.

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