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Tiger's Guide to Pumping

By Tiger Dave, Pumper
Updated January 1, 2007

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Why do men pump?

Pumpers have lots of reasons for doing it - some good reasons, some maybe not so good. Here are some of the most common reasons I've heard. At the end, I'll throw in my two bits - my own reasons.

  • Size matters. In the locker room, guys always check each other out and mentally compare size. So being bigger will mean you get more respect.
  • Women feel more pleasure when "filled up". Girth especially contributes to friction and movement that helps the woman reach orgasm. A large head or donut applies more pressure to the G-spot and a thick shaft produces more movement in the clitoris.
  • Men (bottoms) get more pleasure from a long dong that strokes across their prostate. Some also prefer a thicker cock, and all men, top and bottom, enjoy the feel of a donut jamming against the anal sphincter on the outstroke.
  • A big basket looks great in trousers, shorts or swim trunks.
  • Pumping increases pleasure sensitivity but slows down orgasm. You get the best of both!
  • Pumping feels damn good, especially when the suspensory ligament stretches.
  • A fat, heavy dong is amazing to look at and feels great filling your hand or thudding on your thigh. Same can be said of a grapefruit ballsac.
  • Learning how to pump big without losing potency is an enjoyable challenge.

As for me, I guess all of those reasons play a part. I'm an average sized guy but want to be bigger than average. I enjoy getting huge once in awhile, but I want top notch sexual function, so I'm content to get just a bit bigger than average most of the time. Just enough that other guys in the locker room, and sex partners, notice that I'm a "beefy" guy.

Campbell pumps up and puts it to good use.

Rob Smith's basket.

Tom packs his briefs.... TexPack packs his thong.

Tiger's heavy meat ... Beerman goes for a beercan.

TheMan here doesn't pump; he's happy with his 9.5 inches.

Is pumping only for gays?

Men of all shapes, sizes and orientations pump. I don't have Government Statistics, but judging from the visitors to my website, I guess that about half of all pumpers are Str8 or Bi. That's because the third most popular page of the Pumpers Guide website, after the home page and the Pics of the Day, is the Hetero Pumping Gallery. It's actually way more popular than the Man Suck and Butt Fuck galleries!

Gay guys have the most opportunity to pump, since their partners are more likely to support the activity. Str8 and Bi pumpers almost always hide the activity.

Pumping seems to break down the barriers that usually separate gay and straight men. In the online forums, men talk freely about their cocks, sexual adventures, and lives in general, as they pump together in cyberspace. Some Str8 and Bi guys even show up for the Palm Springs Pumpers Weekends.

Most Str8 pumpers are big admirers of long phat cocks on other men as well as themselves. They are open-minded guys and want to feel another man's pumped cock as well as look at it. In my experience, Str8 pumpers really enjoy mutual masturbation at the end of a pump session. Does this make them Bi ? I don't think so, unless they want to suck or buttfuck.

Deskenemy watches some man-on-man action while he pumps.
HungBullBalledMan's buddy worships his pumped meat.

Ian puts his pumped meat to heterosexual use.

Seems like gay guys have bigger dicks than str8 guys. Why is that?

A lot of guys have noticed this. Some guys also point out that tops have bigger dicks than bottoms (which makes sense when you think about it). From what I've seen, though tops tend to be longer, bottoms are often very well-proportioned, and thick!

Of course, str8 guys can be big too! Overall, it looks like gay guys are not inherently bigger than str8 guys, but instead are just more likely to be big. The biggest dicks I've seen have been on bi guya. One buddy of mine has a 10-inch torpedo. I used to shower at the gym with a group of 4 guys who all sported footers. The thickest of the lot ran an email spamming operation (stock promo's); the other dudes worked for him. Nice guys, for crooks! I wondered if the boss hired only well-hung guys, and how he checked 'em out.

I've seen thousands of dicks, and overall, here's how they measure up:

  1. Regular pumpers have the biggest dicks (str8, bi or gay)
  2. Bi guys have the biggest natural endowment
  3. Gay guys tend to be big
  4. Str8 guys are all over the map

As to the why ... maybe it's 'cuz gay guys pump more! ;-{p Seriously, though, it's something of a mystery whether the cock gets bigger because of the man's interests, or the man's interests are influenced by his cock size. It makes sense that a really big cock is more appealing to other men than to women, so a donkey-dicked guy will gravitate toward his buddies, where he gets a better result. That would explain why so many bi guys are huge. Any man enjoys being admired for his big dick, and what better way to experience total admiration than man-on-man cock worship? I've also noticed that big bi guys are very encouraging to their lesser-hung brethren, treating their cocks with surprising respect. Bi pumpers are most likely to encourage their buddies to pump up.

There's also evidence that body parts grow bigger according to your activities as a youth. Check out the hands on guys who worked construction during school breaks. Of course, most gay guys aren't that active as teens; they really get into it during their 20's. But then there's the power of the mind to consider. Certainly, for a gay guy, growing a big dick is important. Which brings us back to pumping, dude...

Str8 guys size each other up before wrestling

A long gay cock meets a thick one

Gay youth ... longer and thicker than average

Looks like the white guy has a donut

Long gay swords crossing

Thick gay cocks frotting

Well-matched for size

Can women pump?

Yes, women can pump the clitoris using a nipple or foreskin pumping tube. Pumping nipples, by the way, is even more directly pleasurable than pumping the penis. Same goes for the clit, from what I hear.

You'll find a women's pumping site at BME World.

Campbell's woman pumps her labia to cozy Campbell's pumped dick.

What results can I expect from pumping?

Your penis fills up with more blood, making it exceptionally hard at the core while erect, but mainly it bloats up with lymph fluids, which make it fat and spongey around the core. All parts of the penis enlarge, especially the foreskin, which bloats up into a "donut" unless you massage the fluid out. Over time, the suspensory ligament relaxes and stretches, so you hang longer.

Once you've adapted to pumping - which takes a couple months - you can increase in girth by 50% over a two hour period, and length by 25% Long-time vets (several years of pumping) can increase girth by 100% and length by 50%. I don't recommend routinely pumping this big, as it's very difficult to do without going overboard and injuring tissues or at least compromising your potency.

Are the results permanent?

This one's controversial! I've chatted with vets who say they've permanently grown 1 or 2 inches in length and 2 to 4 inches in girth. But I'm almost a vet myself (been pumping since early 1996) and if I don't pump for two or three days, my measurements shrink back to around 5.5 - 5.75 long by 4.75 - 5 around - close to the size I was before I took up pumping.

I do have permanent gains, though. I can now pump up much bigger and faster than I did at the end of my first year. I can reach a size (8 x 9) that I would have thought impossible back when I started. Usually I only pump up to 7 x 7, as that gives the best results in terms of a useable tool.

When will I start to see results?

You'll get some effect the very first time you pump! But you should start out slow and easy, because your cock has to adjust to it. After a week or so, you'll notice that you hang fatter and longer when flaccid. After about a month, you'll experience an extra fat, hard boner. That's a clear sign you're doing it right! After a month or two, you many also notice that your foreskin is growing - even if you're cut. I'm cut and have restored about 2/3 of my foreskin by pumping.

How long does the effect last?

The full effect may last only minutes, but then wears off over the next 8 - 12 hours, depending on how "phat" you've gotten (that's how pumper's often spell "fat"). A donut can take 24 hours or more to wear off. If you pump moderately, you'll notice that your boners are fuller and harder for the next 2 or 3 days, and you may hang bigger for several days.

How often should I pump?

It's best to pump 3 or 4 days a week. If you do it only occasionally, you're bound to overdo as you try to get real big to compensate. I know of three standard routines that work well for different guys. Try them all to see which works best for you.

  1. Pump two days in a row (1 - 3 hours each time), then take a day off. Total of 3 - 4 sessions per week.
  2. Pump every day (about 1 hour), with one day off per week.
  3. Pump twice a day about 30 - 60 minutes each time), on either schedule (1) or (2) above.

Guys vary a lot in their recovery time, so choose the routine that works best for your body and lifestyle. I myself prefer 2 days on, 1 off, but occasionally do it twice a day for about 4 days in a row. When I do that routine, I stay extra big and get very horny, but I can only do it for about 4 days - beyond that, my cock gets irritated and doesn't like sex so much.

Easiest way to figure out how much to pump is this: Make sure you can get a rockhard boner after each set. As long as you can get real hard, you aren't overpumping. In fact, the right amount of pumping makes you harder than usual, and bigger! But if you're softer than usual, you've either pumped too long, or too often, or used too much pressure. Cut back until you're horny and hard as a truncheon!

How much pressure should I use?

The less the better. Just enough to make you expand. As you expand, your cock displaces some of the vacuum, so you have to withdraw more air to maintain the same level of pressure. This keeps the expansion going.

If you have a gauge, try pumping at about 1- 2 in Hg. As you adapt to pumping, you'll find that you expand easier and faster at very low suction. Toward the end of each set, exercise the ligament by upping the pressure to 3 - 4. Repeatedly raise and lower the pressure. Don't go above 5.

If you don't have a gauge, go by feel. The pressure should be comparable to a gentle bout of oral sex. The suction should feel comfy at the start of your set, and firm but still comfortable at the end.

You should be able to achieve a full erection at the end of each set - if not, you're pumping too much.

Varying the pressure up and down helps improve circulation and coax the ligament to stretch. It also feels real good. Some electric pumps, such as the CTC series, do this for you. To get the same effect with a manual pump, jerk the cylinder.

How long should I go for?

When you start out, do 1 set of 15 - 20 minutes. After a week, increase to 2 sets. After a month, increase to 3 or 4 sets. After about a year, you can go for as many sets as you like. If your technique or equipment permits, you can lengthen your sets. At this level, you'll know when to take a break by how it feels.

Don't try to get bigger by leaving the pump on longer. You'll just strain your skin and get achey from stale blood. Instead, to get bigger, do more sets.

At any level, you should take a break or end the session if you start to feel any pain (for details, see the question on "pumping too much").

I've stopped gaining - What's wrong?

I've stopped gaining - What's wrong?

Sounds like you might be overpumping or you've hit a plateau.

Overpumping results from too much pressure, or going too long without a break, or pumping too often - or a combination of all three. It's the total amount of suction over time that leads to overpumping. The effects can show up during one session, or over a number of sessions.

When the cock gets "fatigued" it doesn't respond as well to pumping.

I recommend you take about 1 week off from pumping, and then ease back into it, say once every two days for about 30 minutes at moderate pressure. Then build up to 3 or 4 times a week for up to 60 minutes.


I've hit plateau - how do I keep on gaining?

As in weight-training, an experienced pumper may find that he stops gaining after awhile. It happens to all pumpers from time to time.

To keep gaining, it's best to change the routine, just like in weight-training. Take a break, and then ease back into it. and when you start back up again, try new techniques or equipment.

In my case, I got past my first plateau by switching from a manual pump to a CTC XL 2000 pulsator. I gained great in that for several months, and was then able to go back to manual pumping and still gain. I got over my next plateau by switching to a Monster Jr tube and pumping on a new routine - every morning during breakfast. Another time, I switched to the Vacutech VT 9000 pump. More recently, I made a big breakthrough by going to an ASTJ cylinder and pumping the whole basket in warm water.


How do I know if I'm pumping too much?

Well, first let's get clear on what "too much" means. Pumping involves filling your penis with more blood and lymph than it normally carries, so it's an inherently excessive and even risky activity. But the tissues of the penis can adapt to a certain extent without being damaged, and over time they can adapt more and more. Therefore, beginners should pump less than vets, as what amounts to a moderate pump for a vet would be totally excessive for a beginner.

The causes of overpumping are:

  • Using too much pressure.
  • Pumping for too long without a break.
  • Pumping up bigger than you are adapted to.
  • Pumping too often.

Luckily, the cock is thoroughly wired for pain detection (I guess the cave men used to overdo it too!), so you get warning signs for any problems, provided you know what to feel for.

The clearest sign of overpumping - whatever the cause - is a decline in potency. If you are pumping right, you will have more frequent and fuller, harder, longer-lasting erections than a non-pumper. At my pumping peak, which I reach a couple of times a year (when I seem to do everything just right for a couple weeks), I stay fully hard even after cumming, and I can even cum a second time. But if you overpump, you will have fewer, spongier erections, and you may not maintain erection as long.

Warning sensations:

  • An ache in the shaft means you need to take a break and massage the penis.
  • A burning sensation in the skin means you need to reduce the pressure or take a break - otherwise you could get petechia (see below).
  • Pain in the head (glans) means you need to reduce the pressure, take a break or even end your session - otherwise you'll get a blister.

Other symptoms to watch for:

  • Darkening of the skin during the set. The blood in your cock is getting stale. Time for a massage break.
  • Petechia (blood spots - tiny bruises or tears in the skin). You've overstretched your cockskin. Stop pumping for a couple of days.
  • Red spot on the glans. This is from burst capillaries and takes quite awhile to fully heal. Most likely happened because you used too much pressure for too long after packing the tube - after you pack, all the vacuum force is exerted on the head. Stop pumping for a week, then pump only very moderately but regularly until the red spot has fully healed (which could take weeks or months).
  • Water blister on the glans. Too much pressure. Stop pumping until the blister heals.
  • Large bruise on the shaft. You pumped too long. Stop pumping for a week.

Stanley has a good hard unpumped shroom-head. Ian's pumped erection is too heavy to stand up, but can do the job.

Pumper18 pumps lightly and stands tall... and check out this guy's pumped boner,
with a little help from a

SFLAPumper pumped up heavy ... too phat to get real hard, but capable of action (check out those balls hugging up into firing position!)

Too heavy to stand: Tiger. Pumped hard: Lurker.

My erections don't seem as firm - what's wrong ?

You're overpumping.


How can I pump my balls huge without overpumping the cock ?

Check out the tip on Marathon Ballpumping.

Can I pump with a piercing?

Problems with Piercings

Some guys sport a PA (Prince Albert) ring through the end of their dick. The piercing usually goes through the spunkhole to the frenum (underside of the cockhead). When you get a piercing, you need to allow plenty of time for it to heal before you pump. Otherwise the weakened structure of your frenum could tear.

Some guys have a piercing behind the balls, called a guiche, to enhance their male G-spot pleasure. As with a cockhead piercing, you need to let it heal before you ballpump.

So, if you get yourself pierced, no pumping for at least 2 weeks - better yet, make that 4 weeks to be absolutely sure!

When you do get back into pumping, you'll find it usually works better to leave your jewelry on while you pump. Leaving your PA in prevents the tissues inside from swelling and closing. Also, the pressure around the PA can feel damn good!

My groin gets sore where the tube digs in. Anything I can do about that?

When your tube digs into your groin, it cuts off circulation. Several things to try:

  • Get a comfort cushion from Monsternuts at http://www.monsternuts.com/products/pillow.html
  • Take more frequent breaks and massage your groin as well as your cock to improve circulation.
  • Shorten your pump session - you'll probably get a good pump from three 15-minute sets. You can build up to longer sessions gradually.


Can I have sex right after pumping?

You bet! Especially if you pump moderately, so you are able to get fully hard and you are not so enormous that you won't fit inside your partner. Whether solo, vaginal, oral or anal, pumping up is a great way to prepare for sex. Pumping increases your pleasure sensitivity but slows down the orgasmic response, so you get to have more fun longer. The effect is most pronounced if you pump up less than 30 minutes before the action.

I have trouble penetrating my partner

One of the best reasons for pumping is to fill your partner up more, so your thrusting generates more internal action. But when you're fully pumped up, especially if you have a donut, you have to work your way inside more carefully than usual. You don't want to turn your partner off by splitting his or her sex slit too aggressively. And it's kinda goofy if your donut gets stuck on the way in!

Usually it's no trouble getting into a cunt, but an ass can pose real difficulty. In either case, lube up the area real good, and loosen it with your tongue or fingers. Lube your whole shaft or condom heavily.

Then poke your cocktip into the hole, just up to the donut. If your head is pumped up real square, try wiggling it side to side with your fingers as you enter, or move your hips in a screwing motion.

Now bump that donut ring against your partner's labia or rim, using real short quick thrusts. Get him or her real hot to take the whole shaft! Push on the top of your donut and pop it into the hole. The larger, underside of the donut will likely remain outside. Pop that in with your finger too. You should hear your partner sigh with ecstasy.

Now, using the screwing motion, work that donut deep into your partner's tunnel. Proceed slowly to your standard resting point and give your partner a little extra time to adjust to you.

You're in! And once you're in with a donut, you won't pop out again, so bang away man! Your donut will act like a G-spot stimulator for either man or woman, and your phat shaft will split them deep for ultimate fucking ecstasy!


Can I cum by pumping?

Oh yeah. But it's strenuous and risky (you can easily overpump and it's hard to make yourself stop). I've driven myself to orgasm by varying the pressure over an ever-decreasing range at a gradually increasing level, but on 3 out of 3 occasions I ended up bruised. I guess it was worthwhile because I spent an hour at near-orgasmic levels, and the actual orgasm went on forever. I spent a full minute at the climax when you're over the edge but not yet shooting. And when I did shoot, the cum jetted out in long thick ropes. So it was wonderful at the time - but the bruises made me decide to look for a safer way. Fortunately, I found a couple methods that produce more than adequate pleasure with less - though not zero - risk.

How can I increase the volume of my cum?

A lot of guys ask this in pump chat forums. I have found ballpumping for 3 hours or more increases volume, whereas cock pumping increases gasmic intensity. Being horny for long periods also increases volume: I once shot 5 huge ropes onto my chest — each about 18" long — after a full day of pumping and chat.

Cum is rich in vitamins and minerals (maybe that's why some guys like to eat it! :-p), in particular zinc (there's about 6 mg of zinc in the average wad) and manganese. Food sources: sesame seeds for zinc, dates for manganese. Some herbs also promote semen production: saw palmetto, damiana, avena sativa, horny goat weed. You can get a complete blend of cum-related herbs and minerals called Semenax. Either that or feed off your buddy's jism - it's an acquired taste, but once you get used to it, you'll like it! ;-{p

For a complete guide on how to increase cum volume through diet, exercise and sex techniques, check out the Iron Man Penis program. I think it's a great guide to men's sexual health.

What does "pack" mean and why do pumpers talk about it so much?

You pack when your penis expands enough to fill the tube from side to side. Usually it packs first at the base, then at the foreskin (donut) and finally all along the shaft. Once you fully pack, all the pumping action is directed lengthwise, coaxing your suspensory ligament to stretch. I've often lengthed another 2 inches after packing, even though I'd already stretched out beyond my normal length.

So pumpers obsess about packing because it's the point at which the pump effect goes deep inside you, producing a magical result and feeling damn good. Packing also means you've mastered your level and you're ready for the next larger tube.

The trouble with packing is that all the vacuum force is now exerted directly against the glans. If the tissue there is at all weakened (from overpumping), it will break down and you can get bruises or blisters. The best prevention is to always avoid overpumping. Beyond that, you need to manage the pressure carefully once you do pack. I find it best to use variable rather than constant pressure once I pack. That is, I raise the pressure until it feels tight, hold it there for about half a minute, then ease off so that my dick feels relaxed for about half a minute. I repeat this until the stretch really kicks in, then I reduce the pressure so that I just maintain my elongation.

MasterE, inventor of the MonsterTube, argues that packing is a bad idea, because it puts all the pressure on your glans and puts you at risk of blistering. That's why he made the MonsterTube spherical, so your cock would always float in the vacuum, pressure evenly distributed around it.

VacJacker totally packs his tube. Final result below.

Which is better, a manual or electric pump?

Since electric pump gear costs so much more, it must work better than manual, right? Well, it does have its advantages.

Electric gear comes in two basic varieties: pumps that maintain a constant level of suction (for example, Vacutech), and those that suck and release (CTC).

With a manual pump, the level of suction is bound to decrease, sometimes because air slowly leaks into your cylinder, but always as your penis expands to fill up more of the space, which effectively compresses the remaining air, which means less vacuum pressure. So you always have to pull on a manual pump every few minutes to maintain the suction on your cock. It's all too easy to get impatient or make a mistake and add too much pressure.

An electric pump takes care of maintaining the right amount of suction, by automatically sucking out more air as you expand. You can "set and forget", which makes it easier to follow a disciplined routine. Also, constant suction in theory makes you expand faster. In practice, though, the cock adapts better when pressure varies. But a manual pump operating passively doesn't vary the pressure enough to enhance adaptation. If you're prepared to "milk the cylinder" and/or adjust the pressure up and down every minute or so (pumping air out one minute and letting air in the next), you can get more effect from a manual pump. But if you don't want to work that hard, or you're not sure you'll manage the pressure right, you're better off with electric gear.

The suck-release type of pump is designed to produce the same effect as diligent manual pumping, only more so, because it varies the pressure faster. The result is a throbbing effect that you can feel delving deep inside you as it works the suspensory ligament. I myself have a CTC XL 2000 pump and find it pumps me up big and fast. Some guys, however, find the action excessive and irritating to their cocks. I myself like to use the manual pump fairly often, because it produces interesting different sensations from the CTC and is more of a relaxed experience (I adjust the pressure only once every couple of minutes).

So here's what I recommend. If you can afford electric gear, I recommend you also invest in a manual pump; the two complement one another nicely.

Can I travel with my pump?

One of the best - and few - opportunities a family man gets to pump is while on the road. For once you have a full evening to yourself. But guys are concerned about airport security pulling their pump gear out in front of everyone to enquire just what is this device? The good news is you don't have to take the whole kit with you. All you need is a cylinder and a short length of hose. Instead of the pump, you use your mouth to suck out some air, then detach the hose with the quick release to maintain the suction. Stuff your cylinder with socks and jocks or your toothbrush and toothpaste. It probably won't trigger the scanner anyway. Coil the hose up with your computer cables. Stealth, man!

Update on Airport Security
rom YFronts at the Newart Forum

I am one of those guys who seaches bags at Hartfield Airport. So I know what I'm saying:

Bags that are checked are hand searched at random. So yours may not be searched at all.

A sure way to have your bag searched is to buy your ticket the same day you travel. Buy your ticket in advance.

Carry on baggage is more subject to search than others.

Any item that is denied boarding is not conficated. You simply can not fly with it. So if the inspector does not like it take it out of your bag and hand it to a friend to take home. If you want to fly and don't have a friend to give the items too they are thrown away and you may fly as long as they are not in your bag.

If your bags are searched ask that a man do the checking...you can only request but this would help as most guys at the airport would know what a penis pump is and not have to go running to a supervisor.

Hawaii Pumper suggests that if Security asks you what you've got there, tell them it's a bilge pump for your sailboat, or some hydroponic equipment.


Why do some guys pump in warm water?

Warmth stimulates circulation and swelling, so wrapping your tube in a heating pad or filling it with warm water will help you pump up faster. Don't make it too hot, though! Water has another interesting property. It exerts pressure, counteracting the effect of vacuum on the skin. But it doesn't reduce the suction on the penis as a whole, because you've still removed the same amount of air. So you get the benefits of suction with less strain on the surface of the skin. The only downside to pumping in water is that it can be messy. Make sure you only paritally fill your tube, otherwise the water will go up into your hose and pump as your cock expands. And you'll probably have to drain off some of the water as you get bigger. I usually fill my cylinder only 1/3 with water. As the water cools, I wrap the tube in a heating pad to warm it up again.

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