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Tiger's Guide to Pumping

By Tiger Dave, Pumper
Updated January 29, 2005

Setting Your Expectations

Every guy wants a bigger dick, unless he's already horse-hung. Most guys get into pumping after they see one of those ads in the back of Men's Health -- "Add 2 or 3 Inches to Your Penis in Just Minutes a Day". Lately, we've also seen ads for "Penis Enlargement Pills" guaranteed to add inches "naturally."


The penis is not a muscle, so it cannot be trained to grow. In nearly all men, it reaches its maximum length by about age 18. After that, it may get somewhat thicker over time as tissues stretch. Remember, age 15 - 25 is when nature intends you to fuck your brains out with everything in sight. That's when you need a really big penis to attract attention and get a "lock" on your mates. There is no natural mechanism for the organ to keep on growing after that, so there's nothing for pumping or pills to trigger. Maybe the best way to get bigger is to fuck as much as you can during those prime years - if you're obviously a stud, your body will adapt by growing the tool to match!

If you want permanent enlargement, and you want it fast, look into silicone injections or surgery.

Then why do so many guys pump?

Because pumping does produce gains, both temporary and permanent, and it's very pleasurable and rewarding.

Don't expect these gains right away, however. As you'll read time and again on this site, you have to be patient and take it easy -- give your member time to adapt. Otherwise you'll just get sore and bruised.


Temporary. Once your cock adapts to pumping, you'll get an increase of 1 or 2 inches in length, and 2 or 3 inches in girth by the end of your session. The length comes from relaxing your suspensory ligament, the girth from fluids pumped into your tissues (see How Pumping Works). Your penis wil return to normal size over time - faster for some guys than others. The bulk of fluid drains out within 30 minutes. You can maintain the full pump effect longer by wearing a cockring.

Permanent. Over the months and years, you will get better and better at pumping. The tissues in your cock stretch easier, and you'll learn how to relax your ligament in response to the suction. As a result, you'll see permanent gains. Your cock will grow thicker at the base. You'll pump up faster and much bigger, 2 or 3 inches in length and 3 - 5 inches in girth. The cock will retain more fluids so the pump effect lasts longer.

Some guys claim a permanent increase in size. I haven't seen this myself but I won't rule it out.

So, "gains" really means getting bigger in your tube. You should start gaining after the first couple weeks. As you get experience and your cock adapts to pumping, you'll be able to stay in the tube longer and get a lot bigger. This usually happens after about 3 months, but some guys get there faster, some take longer.

During your first 2 or 3 years of pumping, you'll have to spend at least 2 or 3 hours in the tube to get real big. But when you're a vet - when you have real good technique adapted to your own body, when your cock "knows" how to pump up (the tissues capture fluid efficiently and stretch easily), you'll get BIG a lot faster. I can do it in under 30 minutes when I concentrate.

The one gain I can guarantee is that you'll grow in expertise and get better results over time.

Package Deal

These days, I recommend that guys pump the entire package - cock and balls. This way you pack more total volume into your shorts, the look is more balanced. Also, it's that much more fun to play with. Pumped up balls love being massaged and tugged. It's also great when they slap against your partner's butt cheeks when you fuck. Or, for man on man, when your bags slap together.

Decide for Yourself

Now that I've deflated your expectations, I hope you'll still give pumping a try. Like thousands of other guys, I've kept at it for years and enjoyed some amazing experiences along the way. It gets better and better as you grow in expertise. Shaping the cock becomes an art form and a process that rewards you with little ecstasies along the way. Sharing it with other pumpers adds to the fun.

Go for it man!

Heavyweight pumps thick
Thick likes a massive pump

Balterboy overloads his shorts
Flame27 carefully shapes his foreskin into the "pumped cigar" look
Ludwig wears a cock'n'ball strap to maintain his pumped cigar look
Buddy pumping helps you get bigger

Pumpers sharing the meat

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