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By Tiger Dave, Pumper
Updated Aug 32, 2015


Tried out some hot new pumping gear? Let your fellow pumpers know what it does for you. Write a review and send it in. So long as it's fair and reasonable, we'll publish it here.


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Vacu-Tech Pulsar
Electronic Pulsating Pump

Reviewed by Tiger
August 23, 2015

Equipment Type: Electric-powered Vacuum Pump: Pulsating: Server Motor
Manufacturer: Vacu-Tech
Web Page: Click Here
Price (2015): $650 US (incl. pump/controller, AC power adapter, tubing); optional rechargeable battery pack $80.

Pulsator pumps, which rhythmically vary the suction level, go back a long ways. Veteran pumper / masturbators fondly recall the aptly-named Accujac, which I believe cost around $600 in the late 1990's. The CTC "iron horse" XL series dates back to around the same time and is still grinding away. I had one (seated in a wooden box to catch the grease and muffle the racket) and enjoyed the tube-jacking effect but always wished it could vary the speed -- in particular, speed up! Or better yet, get into an accelerating jackoff rhythm. In the mid-2000's PumpToys created such a system (the QS7), based on a servo motor that sucks, holds and releases on command, either by twisting a knob on the front, or running a program. They provided software so pumpers could design our own programs, of which many JACKOFF variants appeared over the years. Variable pulsating felt great, but from a pumping perspective the main benefit was the servo motor that maintains controlled suction better than any manual pump or continually pulling electric "aquarium" pump.

Enter Vacu-Tech's Pulsar in 2014/15. Also based on a servo motor and running programs, Pulsar is to QS7 as Mac is to PC. I don't mean that as an insult to either. The Pulsar is all about convenience, giving you exactly what you need with the simplest adjustments, handsomely packaged and eminently portable.

When I received my Pulsar, the first thing I noticed was packaging. It comes in a sturdy plastic toolbox like a power drill. The components -- pump & control unit, power adaptor and tubing -- fit neatly into the foam-padded interior, making it easy to transport for buddy sessions or travel. The pump itself is 4 3/4" x 3" x 1 1/2" and weighs just over 9 ounces -- a little brick you can tuck into your suitcase if you don't want to carry the toolbox. The tubing is unusually thin and short -- clearly designed for portability, and just the right size for normal usage. Fittings are pumper-standard, so you can hook up buddy tubing.

Vacu-Tech has also come out with a rechargeable portable battery, which I find makes usage even at home more convenient -- the whole system sits on the bed beside me. The battery is rated at 4 hrs, and I've run it 5+ between charges.

The Pulsar is the first "smart-phone age" pump. It has a touch-screen user interface. This streamlines the form factor and is about as easy to use as any other electric pump. Of course, you'll get lube on the screen - can't be helped - so I recommend avoiding petroleum- or silicone-based lubes. I've been using olive oil, coconut oil and shae butter lately. All residue wipes off easily with a soft cloth and warm water (no soap).

The UI has 3 screens. The "home" screen lets you choose between manual (constant pressure) and programmed (pulsating) modes.

The Manual ("Fixed") Mode screen lets you set the pressure, which the Pulsar holds constant, sucking briefly every now and then with a pleasant grunting noise (familiar to QS7 fans) to re-establish the suction level as you expand in your tube. QS7 users are familiar with manual pulsation -- jerking the pressure up and down by twisting the suction control knob. It's a favorite jackoff technique when your computer's serial interface is in a bad state and you can't run QS7 programs. On the Pulsar, you pulsate manually by tapping the touch screen, but it's not fast enough to simulate those jackoff rhythms. For this one function I wish Pulsar had an old-fashioned knob. That said, I have to warn against overdoing jackoff by pumping: it takes a long time at fairly high pulsating suction to bring yourself off in the tube. You can end up bruising yourself. In my case, my pursuit of this seems to have made me prone to petechia around my corona (though I think genetics has made me more prone to this problem than other pumpers).

Pulsar's full glory emerges when you go into Program (Pulsar) Mode. It comes with 5 built-in programs: Warmup, Stretch, Workout, Maximum and BP (Buddy or Ballpumping). I've tried them all and find them expertly crafted, and more nuanced than the programs one can write for the QS7. The draws, holds and releases are beautifully timed and feel a bit randomized. I'm not sure whether they truly have a random variance, or there are just that many cycles within each program. In any case, the effect breaks predictability just enough that your attention -- and pleasure circuits -- remain engaged. The programs implement pumping "best practices" such as a gradual warmup, cock refresh (quick release followed by a slow pull), short rest periods at no-to-low suction) and the occasional good firm pull. Each program is aptly named -- no guesswork, so the Pulsar is one automated pump that is suitable for newbies as well as seasoned pumpers. Me and my pump buddies have found the programs are very well designed for efficient pumping: the Pulsar pumps us up bigger, faster than any other manual or electric system. I like to say it "pumps with authority"!

Program Mode gives you two controls: over the maximum suction level (2 - 11" Hg) and pace (which ranges from 20% - 100% of some maximum rate). You simply tap onscreen buttons to adjust them up and down. Me and my pump buddies each have our favorite levels to work at. With my petechia problem, I stay in the 2-3" range these days, but the servo mechanism and the programs' efficiency ensure I reach a good size -- cock and balls -- within 30 minutes. After an hour I've had about enough (wish I could pump longer but such is my punishment for over-pumping in pursuit of orgasm). My more robust buddy Chris ("rings") likes to pump at 3-5" Hg on the Pulsar. This is a little less than his maximum on other systems, which testifies to Pulsar's steadiness and efficiency. Chris loves how fast he fills his Bullmaster.

This brings up another of Pulsar's strong points. When pump buddies see it for the first time, they're skeptical that such a small box will have enough draw for their big cnb (cock-n-ball) tubes, let alone a 2-man hookup with both us in jars. However, the Pulsar handles even the biggest jars with ease. You don't even have to run the BP program: I find the Stretch program (which is my favorite overall) does its job with ease no matter which tube I'm using, and even when I add on a buddy. You might think it couldn't keep up when running at 100% speed, but it does, at least for 1-man pumping. For 2-man, I've only tried up to 80% and that works fine.

In my photos and videos, you'll see me water-pumping. This is a really bad idea with an electric pump -- especially one so expensive as the Pulsar. An accessory I would love to have is a water trap. I used to have one but it broke. If you do pull any water into the line, immediately shut off the unit, disconnect the line and blow it out. One thoughtful thing about the Pulsar's design is this line is "open by default" so you can clear it when disconnected.

Enhancements I'd like to see in future: end-user programming of course. And a physical knob to adjust the suction -- I know that doesn't fit with the touch-screen UI, but it could fit next to the connector and would make this a perfect pumping system. I also recommend lowering the maximum suction level to 6" -- hell, even 5" -- Pulsar is so efficient it doesn't need super-high suction to produce results. Go safe and go BIG is my motto these days.

To sum up, Vacu-Tech's Pulsar is the most efficient pumping system I've experienced. It gets you real big real fast, at safe pressures. Pulsar's efficiency derives from a solid servo mechanism and authoritative programs. Pulsar is also a handsome little devil that travels well, and despite its compact size, it's "man enough" for ball-pumping, buddy-pumping and even buddy-ball-pumping! The optional rechargeable battery pack is well worth it for convenience.

Highly Recommended

Pulsar in its "Toolbox"


Powered from the optional battery pack


Manual Mode: tap on + or - to adjust suction


Program Mode: tap left/right arrows to choose a program; tap +/- to set the maximum suction leve; tap up/down to change pulsation rate


Tiger letting Pulsar strrrretch hiim out!


Tiger bloating while running the Stretch program


Vaculogic QuickSilver 7 Pump

Reviewed by Tiger
December 3, 2005

The QS7 electric pump takes pumping into a whole new realm: automated control. I received the first unit from the production line about 3 weeks ago, and am still discovering new ways of using it to reach record size and heights of pleasure!

This is the latest innovation from Bagman, who also invented the Bullmaster, Acrylic STJ, and monster-pumping gaskets, and is available from Pumptoys.

The QS7 is an interactive electric pump. Like the VT9000, it has a dial for setting the desire pressure. The difference is inside. An on-board microprocessor measures the current pressure level and automatically turns the motor on or off to maintain it, or adjust to the next level you set. If you milk the cylinder, you'll hear (and feel!) the QS7 respond to the change in volume inside your tube.

But the QS7 embodies another, even more important innovation: it's programmable! On the side of the unit, you'll find a USB port that connects to your computer. The system includes software that makes it easy to plan your pump session, and then execute it with total discipline while you sit back and enjoy the ride!

A couple years ago, Bagman worked out the theory of Effective Time, which explains what veteran pumpers know from experience, that you can get a lot bigger faster by varying the pressure up and down. The high pressure phase does the work of pulling fluids into the tissues, and the low pressure phase relaxes the tissues so they open up to let more fluid in.

The QS7 is the perfect machine for Effective Time pumping, as it automatically varies the pressure, maintaing the level you set. But it gets better! You can program the QS7 to adjust the pressure over time. You tell it what pressure to reach, how long to hold it, and how fast to slide to the next pressure level. You can program an entire set, starting with a milking warm up, then an effective time series at one level, then a finishing series at higher pressure.

You can save your programs, edit and copy them, and assemble a longer program from several shorter ones. Pumpers will be able to trade programs, so we can learn from one another, and feel what our buddies feel when they pump!

You can get a sample program I wrote for effective time pumping at 3-5" Hg.

Tiger's Experience with the QS7

As I mentioned before, I got one of the first units off the production line. The gear is nicely made, and arrived neatly packaged. Controls and connectors are easy to find and handle. The unit comes complete with a 20' hose, and accepts standard CPC connectors. You get both an AC adaptor and a plugin to an automobile cigarette lighter, so (big rig drivers note) you can use the QS7 on the road.

You install the software from the CD, much as you would any other software. The only tricky part is setting up the device driver for the USB port. Microsoft Windows may try to install some other, bogus driver, so be sure to follow Bagman's instructions to the letter and install the driver he provides. As the QS7 software matures, no doubt the installation will get easier.

Note: the QS7 software is for Microsoft Windows only (not Mac or Linux).

Once I got up and running, I tried both manual and programmed operation. To operate manually, you unplug the USB connector and turn the unit on. Operation is dead easy: you just twist the dial to the pressure you want. As I mentioned before, this pump is interactive, which makes it more interesting. You'll hear it suck to the desired level, then grow quiet as you hold there. But if any air leaks in, or you milk the tube, the unit sucks a bit more to restore the level. It makes pleasant little growling noises as it works to keep you under suction.

To switch to programmed mode, I found it best to turn the unit off, plug in the USB, then turn it on again, then start the QuickSilver software. You have to set the COM port for the USB each time, but it always seems to use the same port. This is where you have to have the right driver installed.

The manual explained clearly how to program a profile, and Bagman provides some samples you can try out. I was able to make my first program in a couple minutes. A simple milking program requires only two steps: one for the suck, one for the rest. The example I show at the right is a complex sequence I made for effective time pumping.

With the QS7, I find I get the BIGGEST result when it milks during the work phase of the effective time cycle. Here's how the example profile works. It starts and ends with a rest (events 1 and 10), for a total of 30 seconds rest between cycles. Then the pump pulls straight up to 2", and from there gradually rises to 3" (event 2). It eases back down to 2", then pulls good and hard up to 5" (events 3 and 4). Then it milks twice between 13" and 5" (events 5 - 8). This creates a pleasant jerking effect. The second, longer pull at 5" feels great and really pulls the fluids in. The work phase ends off with 20 seconds at 3".

This is really just one of an infinite variety of programs you can create with the QS7. I've only scratched the surface of its abilities at this point, but already I've reached two new record sizes.

All that pressure action gets me very horny: I spend the last hour or so of my sessions on that everlasting pumper's edge.

Don's Session Report

Click here to read about DFox's session and view the pics.

Tips on Using the QS7

The QS7 is ideal for veteran ballpumpers, because it gives us so much control, and we can program long sets. That said, it's great for beginners, too, because it disciplines you. Plan your sets in advance, using safe pressure levels for the recommended time, and then just relax while the QS7 looks after you.

Interact with the QS7, by milking the cylinder or thrusting into it. You'll love the way it works with you.

The unit makes it easy to raise and lower pressure quickly, so you'll find you can safely use higher pressures than you normally would, for brief transients. A quick pull up to 6", easing off immediately to 4", can work better than holding steady at 5".

Creating a new profile takes only a few seconds, so try lots of experiments!

End your profile with a rest phase, as the unit will remain at that pressure after the run is finished.

The QS7 is a precision device; getting any fluid or dirt into it will ruin it. Therefore, even though it is electrically isolated, you must not water pump with it.

You can use the QS7 for cock pumping, and even for stroking in a narrow tube. Don't cum in the tube with the pump running, however, as it will suck cum into the mechanism.

Since you can't water pump in the QS7, I find it best to warm up by hot-water pumping in my ASTJ with the old manual brass pump, building a good pair of eggs, then dry out the cylinder and switch to the QS7 to Get HUGE.

Summing Up

The Vaculogic QS7 is an amazing innovation for pumping. It enables us to follow a disciplined routine, and play with pressure more safely. The programming is easy, fun and encourages experimentation. Since we can share programs, this will lead to more exchange of knowledge, and new techniques that will help all pumpers attain new peaks of size and pleasure.

Highly recommended.

Tiger reaches a new record size (14" around) with the QS7

The QS7 includes pump, AC and automobile power supplies, and ... software!

Tiger's QS7 in action, controlled from his computer

To program the QS7, you define pressures, hold times and transition times, called a "profile.".
The unit will suck you at the level you want for as long as you want, then slide to the next level.
You can tell the system to repeat the profile, for a milking or effective time pattern.

You assemble the program for a pump session from one or more profiles.

When you run your program, the system shows a graph of your pressure sequence,
so you learn to relate the feel to the levels.

Result: record size, and intense pumping pleasure from all those pressure changes.


Pumptoys Acrylic STJ

Reviewed by Tiger
January 4, 2003

STJ stands for Sun Tea Jar. Years ago, pumpers discovered that they could convert a jar for brewing tea by solar heat into a massive ballpumping cylinder. You just extract the spout, and seal a hose into the hole. The only real problem was getting comfortable a seal at the groin. Bagman, founder of Pumptoys, invented a neoprene donut gasket and soon every STJ pumper was using one.

Bagman went on to create a high-quality ballpumping tube based on the STJ. It's ready to connect to your pump with a built-in CPC barb and about 2 1/2 feet of hose. The barb is extra large, so you have to use the hose provided with the ASTJ.

The model Bagman sent me comes with his latest invention, a silicone donut gasket with a conical entry. This turns the ASTJ into a 3-stage pump!

I've been using it for about a week now and really enjoy this cylinder and gasket combo. [Note: pics at right were taken months later.]

Here's my experience so far.

The gasket feels very sensuous and sexy. The large surface area requires substantial lubrication for a seal. I use my George's Cream, even though it contains petrolatum, because silicone won't break down. I mount the gasket over my package and grind it a little - my excuse being to set the seal, but really I just enjoy the sensations!

The cylinder fits snugly into the donut's groove, no need for lube there.

This is a BIG cylinder! Enough volume for a massive ballpumper who wants to get to 16" around. I look lost in it, but I can pump up as big as I want. The tube flares out steeply to 5" inside diameter. In this respect I like it better than my Monster Jr, which flares more gradually and compresses my balls as I get big. In the STJ, I'm always floating fee :-)

I pump up BIG in this tube! I love the look of my phat boner standing up in the tube, and my eggs hangin' out heavy below it.

The gasket is super-comfortable for long sessions. The conical entry creates interesting suction sensations at the base of my package. My cock pumps up thicker at the base than I've seen with other cylinders.

The sheer volume of this cylinder ensures that changes in pressure are gradual. It can put a strain on your pump. Takes a lot of manual strokes to reach full suction, and even my VT9000 electric pump is worked to the limit. I've taken to using the CTC with the STJ. Due to the volume, you don't get a long stroke, but you still get enough stroking action to be satisfied, and there's no sense of straining the pump.

I really like playing the pressure in this tube. With my thumb over the CTC's release valve, I work the pressure up stroke by stroke to an ecstatic intensity, and when I let off, rather than deflate immediately, the suction works its way down inch by inch. Feels great and makes for massive pumping!

I also like to let off the suction and wiggle the tube so my cock and balls bounce and slap around inside it. Excellent play, which readies me for the next level of expansion. As the precum really starts to flow, I do this once every 2 - 3 minutes.

I exit the cylinder by extacting it from the donut, which I then wear as a cockring. It does a great job of keeping me hard and fully pumped up, without feeling constrictive. Although it's the thickest cockring I've ever worn, I can successfully fuck with it.

I would suggest only two improvements to this gear. First, it would be more convenient to have a standard sized barb, so you could directly connect any of your hoses to it. Second, the barb is centered at the end of the cylinder. I would offset it toward the edge, or better yet, mount it on the side. This would make it easier to wet pump without risk of drawing water into the hose.

In conclusion, I highly recommend the Acrylic STJ, and I look forward to reaching record sizes in it.

Update June 14, 2003:

I have indeed reached my record size in the ASTJ. This cylinder really pumps you up fast, thanks to the snug seal and the wide open space for your balls. Wearing this thing as I walk around feels great, and I love the views! My only complaint is about the non-standard barb, which means I cannot use the ASTJ with my VT9000 pump - instead, I have to pump manual.

Update August 10, 2003:

New record size in my ASTJ - my first Footer! That means I got my balls to 12" around, which is real big for this lad. Had a great time playing with the package afterward. I shot half a dozen big ropes! I captured the highlights on video.

First set






Vacutech VT9000

Reviewed by Tiger
June 4, 2001

I already had several pumps - two manual and one electric. I've long enjoyed my "wet-dry" brass hand pump and my pulsating CTC electric (which I will review later). Recently I got a new Mityvac II from Vacutech and marvelled at how different it felt from the brass plunger-style pump. Guess I'll have to review the Mityvac later as well.

Anyhow, a few weeks ago I got a brand spanking new Vacutech 9000. This is a "continuous pull" style electric pump. You set the desired pressure on the dial and the 9000 does the rest. If any air leaks in, it is sucked out almost instantly. So you don't need a perfect seal, and in fact the pump itself seems to let a little air flow back in. At low pressure, it feels like it's vibrating.

You might think of this as a "set and forget" pump, but I found that I wanted to vary the pressure setting up and down fairly often. Continuous suction feels pretty aggressive. I enjoyed it most taking the pressure up good and firm and then letting it off to a relaxing level.

Because the pump maintains a constant level of vacuum, it instantly adapts as you expand. The result is you pump up faster. I noticed in particular that it stretches you lengthwise a lot faster than a manual pump.

The very first time I used this gear, it pumped me up in record time. In just 7 minutes I packed my first tube, something that usually takes 20 - 30. I was very hard and tubular. I continued pumping up fast in the next larger tube.

The pressure dial is fairly stiff, making it hard to dial up too much pressure. The pump responds quickly to the dial, so you can really play the pressure. Despite the fine grained control, it was easy to overdo the pumping because the machine is so efficient.

I've had similar experiences with it several times since.

The VT9000 has standard fittings, so you can use it with tubes from most pump makers.

I've decided that the Vacutech 9000 is great for getting a quick hard pump. Very handy to use before sex.

The VT9000 is available online from Vacutech.

The VT9000 is cleanly designed and easy to set up.

The VT9000 pumps you up fast. The left shot shows me after 7 minutes, the right after just 20.

Monster Tube Jr.

Reviewed by XXXBeasto

Hi, I really enjoy the monster tube jr. because it doesnt pull my groin and deform it like the original Monster Tube.

I created my own adaptor for the monster tube to reduce the size of the opening, but it still doesnt work that well. I made it with a similar plastic and gaskets but its not perfect. Too bad cause I like the room the monster tube allows but the groin pull literally deforms the body.

I get a good balanced cock and ball pump with the jr. I normally wrap a heating pad around the jr. and warm up the tube about 15 minutes before I pump. That works great.

But its true vaseline has corrodes the gaskets. I will buy some of Geroges special cream thanks to your site.

Ive been pumping for almost two years and I really enjoy it. Little by little my pumps get bigger. Sometimes I go up to 3 hours in the pump. Works great while sitting at the computer. I wish i could use the monster tube more. Are there any late tips on getting freaky huge? Or will time just do it?

The Monster Tube Jr is available online from Monster Tube.

Two views of the Monster Tube Jr. 12" long, 2.75" opening, 5" max diameter.
Hinged for easy entry and exit.

Tom wears a Monster Jr. filled with water or dry, with lots of lube.

Master E, inventor of the MonsterTube Jr., achieves a monster package using its big brother the Monster Tube.

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