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The Pumper’s Toolbox

By Tiger Dave, Cock & Ball Pumper
Updated Sept 4, 2006


Declare yourself a seasoned pumper by organizing a dedicated place to store your gear !

Here's what I keep in my pump drawer:

Warmup Gear

A  Jockstrap Wear this before pumping. Soak a cloth in hot water and stuff it in the pouch to warm up your basket.
B  Milking Lube My favorite is Peniform; you work it into both balls and cock, and then milk your shaft. Peniform relaxes the tissues so they stretch real good.


Cock Tubes  
C  Flared Tube Comfortable 2" tube, long enough to be used wet or dry. Good place to start the cock on its journey to pumped ecstasy.
D  Thickwall Tube 2.5" tube for swelling real big under high suction.
Ball Tubes  
E  Thickwall Straight I usually pump cock and balls together, and often warm up in this 3" tube before going into the Bullmaster or the ASTJ. I like the way it lengthens everything first. Also, the cock gets surprisingly hard and thick.
F  Bullmaster For shaping the basket; the horn rises into the cockpit at the top, while the balls flare out into the side domes.
G  ASTJ My favorite overall cylinder; very comfortable, great volume and easy to use for water pumping. I like the way the silicone gasket gives you a snug fit, yet the neck immediately opens out so the balls stretch wide.
H  Jackoff Tube 1.75" thickwall for jerking pumped dick. If I'm too big, I use a 2". Great to use with the QS 7's JACKOFF program!
I  Gaskets Silicone gaskets come with the Pumptoys tubes but can be fit onto any 2.75" cylinder.
J  Cylinder Sealant I like George's Special Cream, but any thick lube will do. White petroleum jelly is OK on acrylic or silicone. If you have a plastic cylinder or rubber gasket, use a rubber-compatible lube.
K  Pumping Strap

Strap this around your hips and cinch just under the cylinder's hose fitting. Makes it easy to pump while walking around or sitting at your desk, even if the tube is full of water. I adapted a canvas yoga strap.

Tiger wears his strap until the suction gets high enough to hold the tube on without it.


L  Electric Pump This one is the programmable, pulsating QS7 Vaculogic. My Vacutech VT900 is too big for this drawer so I keep it elsewhere. You can control pressure on the QS7 by hand, or let the computer run a programmed cycle of pressure changes; great for disciplined pumping, and for jacking off !
M  Manual Pump My old standby, and still my favorite pump, the brass plunger. It always feels good to give a pull on this one. Safe to use with water, and it lasts a lifetime.
N  Fluid Catchment This handy gizmo from Pumptoys makes it safe to waterpump with an electric pump. You should also use it for JO with the QS7, so nothing sticky gets sucked into the mechanism.
O  Hose I always keep a couple lengths of hose on hand in case I want to move around while hooked up to an electric pump.

Post-Pump Gear

P  Cockstrap I like to cinch the cock and balls nice and tight for awhile after pumping, to maintain the fullness. If you feel at all achey or cold at the cock's tip, take it off to improve circulation.
Q  Measuring Tape Always good to track your progress with tape and photos!


Other Stuff

Being a veteran pumper, I have a few other tubes, as well as pumper wear, that I keep around.

Nipple Tubes I love pumping up the nips, especially toward the end of a marathon ballpumping session when I'm getting buzzed all over.
2-Stage Buddy Tube UK Thickwall Cylinders made this prototype of a buddy tube for ballpumping; cocks and sacks smack into one another! I outgrew the entryway I designed, so I'm planning a new one based on the ASTJ form.
Silicone Stroker Tube Not a pumping cylinder but a slick ribbed wiener for your shaft. Sometimes I wear it in the ASTJ during long sessions to keep the donut from getting too big. Also great for stroking or practice fucks of course.
Stallion Cock Cushions Pumper's cockrings. You wear these sized, extra-wide rings to maintain a pump effect. Put one on when you're fully erect and it holds the pump in real good. Can also pump you up if you wear while hard and do kegels.  
Unico Boxer Briefs My everyday shorts when not pumped up. Great support and shaping. Unico has a new microfiber short I'm gonna try because it should stretch to fit a pumped basket.
Ergowear Pouch Briefs He-man-sized pouch, and the X3D microfiber shorts stretch enough that you can wear them when pumped up, as you can see ;-p in my pics. Ergowear also has a new extra-large pouch option in their MAX line.
Enhancer Thong Combination cock-ring and thong. Feels and looks great when moderately pumped. A pumper looks a lot better in one of these than the model on the website!
Aneros G-Spot Stim Slip this baby up your rear, position the external nubbin behind your balls, and then do kegel exercises until you cum! Trains the prostate to become ever-more pleasure-sensitive. You can wear this one while pumping; makes you really aware how much pumping stimulates the prostate!
Butt-Balls Vibe I used to have a great vibrating buttplug and thought I'd never find another one that felt as good. Well, I finally found one that's even better. This stud machine stims the prostate directly from inside, and indirectly from behind the balls. Like the Aneros, only more intense and no work; you start kegeling automatically ;-D
Electric Buttplug I'm not a bottom - I swear! - but I've had a couple of my most intense orgasms thanks to this monster. It hooks up to an electro-stim controller. Vary the frequency to direct pleasure to different centers - your sphincter, behind the prostate, in front of it, into the balls, even up thru the cock to the tip. Amazing!



What's in your toolbox bud? Send me a photo and description!

— Your Pump Buddy Tiger

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