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Tiger's Guide to Pumping

By Tiger Dave, Pumper
March 17, 2013




  • Pump
  • One or more cylinders suitable for pumping
  • Water (optional)
  • Warm cloth
  • Lube for slicking your penis (sex lube, gel, handcreme)
  • Lube for sealing the cylinder to your groin (use a tacky cream like Albolene - but don't use one with petroleum products, like Vaseline, as it could corrode your cylinder and gasket).
    I use George's Special Cream.

Check out my Pumper's Toolbox !

Cylinders and Pumps

Where to Get Good Pumps

Right now, I've got some of my tubes for sale in the Pumper Classifieds.

If you want to try pumping without having to spend serious money, your best bet is to hook up with an experienced pumper and try his gear. You can also get decent beginner pumps. They just won't seal as well or last as long as serious gear. If you don't have time to wait for shipping, you can get beginner gear at a porn shop. Avoid the gimmicky ones - they don't work as well. Stick with the ones you see on this website.

Adult bookstores in very large cities may well carry "serious" gear. Otherwise, your best bet is the Web. You can support the Pumper's Guide by buying through my affiliates program. Here's a list of pump vendors I've either dealt with myself or received reliable favorable reports from other pumpers (in reverse alphabetical order):

  • VacuTech: full line of gear, including thickwalled tubes.
  • www.Newart.com: full line of gear, pumper's forum.
  • PumpToys: source of the Suntea Jar Seal for ballpumping, invented by pumper Bagman. Also offers a great selection of other seals and rubber gear for pumpers and tuggers, and special deals on demo gear. Forum and pics pages too!
  • Thickwall UK: British maker of high-quality thickwall tubes. Can do special custom work, such as a 2-stage buddy cylinder.
  • Monster-Tube: this unique cock-and-ballpumping tube is the favorite of experienced ballpumpers. The Monster Jr is increasingly popular with cockpumpers.
  • Kaplan: full line of gear. Specializes in electric pumps.
  • Froehle: German site with the amazing form-fitting tubes. On their homepage, look for the button on the left that says "fur den Mann", then click the link that says "Penisvergrosserung".
  • CTC: specializes in pulsating electric pumps. Also sells Cock Cushions, a special type of cockring just for pumpers.
  • 1BigDick: finely crafted cylinders for penis, penis and balls, nipples, foreskin and cockhead.
  • Yinyangchi
    Clayton specializes in customized ballpumping gear. Female pumping paraphernalia. Also sells the comfort pillow gasket. Note: Clayton's gear is a labour of love, not a manufactured product, so the finish and durability may not be as good as you can get from a larger manufacturer. You're supporting creativity here.

Other well-established pump makers include San Francisco Pumpworks and Boston Pumpworks. I haven't found websites for these firms; they seem to sell through various on-line adult stores.

Roll Your Own

You can make your own pump, using stuff you can get at hardware and automotive stores.

Gravel Pump

For the cylinder, use an aquarium gravel cleaner or a tube for dispensing caulking. For the pump, use a wet/dry or brake bleeder pump from the auto shop. You can get tubing and fittings for the hose at most large hardware stores. Use electrical tape to build up a "flared" base. Cut a section of mountain bike tire innertube and roll it over the base and into the tube for your gasket. For an even better seal, cut the gasket extra long so that about 2" protrude into the cylinder. Cut slits into that end of the gasket so that your cock can expand out of it.

Suntea Jar

You can get a jar at Walmart, Dollar Stores, etc. for a couple bucks. Remove the spigot and insert a piece of plastic tubing for your hose. You may need an intermediate thickness to adapt the size of the hole to the gauge of your pump's hose. Finally, you'll need a rubber gasket/seal for the top of the jar. Homemade ones are difficult and a nightmare. Instead, get a Suntea Jar Precision Seal from Pumptoys.com, they are the best in supplies.

Seahorses' Tube and Weights System

Seahorses writes:

I've experimented and dabbled with a variety of the home made weights system that I've seen on the net, but have come up with my own design that others might like to try; it's by far the most comfortable I've used.

Basically, it's just a couple of bits of motor scooter inner tube that I've fed through the slits on a couple of key-ring fobs- the inner-tube then running through the fobs. Expanding the inner-tubes, I've slid them over the end of my 2" pump (I've also done the same with my 2 ") to about half way, though I'm not sure that the distance is critical for anything other than personal comfort when hanging.

I then took some lead flashing I had lying around and cut it into strips of various widths and lengths, ultimately yielding different weights. Using a piece of 10 mil dia doweling as a former I rolled up each lead strip, giving a 10 mil hole down the centre.

I then took an old wire coat-hanger and chopped it into lengths longer than each lead roll. Bending one end into an "L" shape with a turned up toe, I slid the length up the inside of the roll till the foot and toe hit home on the bottom of the roll and then bent the wire protruding through the top end into a hook shape. These I hung on the ring on the inner-tube and having a number of weights I can vary the overall amount simply by adding or removing individual lead rolls. I made some a couple of lbs each and the rest around 8oz. I've submitted pics for graphic illustration.

Pumper's Clothing

You wanna show off that package, but you need some extra room... For everyday comfort in between pump sessions, I suggest well-endowed pouched underwear from:
  • Unico
    Lots of styles and fabrics, but all feature a roomy pouch with a special hem that lifts the sac..
  • Ergowear
    Emphasizing room for the cock, their pouches bring everything forward.
  • JM
    More conservative approach to the pouch; very comfortable.

Weights & Specialty Gear

Pumping is only one way to stretch the penis. Some guys also use weights, which they hang from their shaft for hours at a time. This is kind of tricky, because tying on a weight would cut off the circulation. Guys have come up with ingenious ways of spreading the load. You can buy special gear for stretching the cock.

  • The Extender (or JES Extender)
    A sleeve that grips and stretches the shaft; you add segments to it as you adapt.
  • The Grip
    A weight hanging system. Looks complicated in an enticing S&M sort of way.
  • Power-Jelq
    A pair of rollers for milking your cock gently and thoroughly.

I think it's all to easy to overstrain your skin or cut off circulation, so take it real easy if you try out gear like this. Don't let yourself get carried away with the fun.

Find Out What Other Pumpers Think

Click here for equipment reviews.

Brass pump kit from Vacutech


Head cylinder from Kaplan, for getting a shroom cockhead.


John1 made his own fat tube with a narrow opening.
Pulling out will be a squeeze!


Interesting cock and ball combo tubeset by
Doyle Hammock in Bremen GA.
(Doesn't have his own email, but try Thom)



Left: Thick demonstrates how you can get a partially pumped effect just by cinching cock and balls.
Right: Cinching when fully vacuum pumped helps maintain thickness, especially in the shaft.


Lurker extended a bookstore pump with a piece of PVC, making it useful for serious pumping.



Pumpers Thong from Hillcrest Menswear

SportJeans - Out of business :-( Hopefully someone will take up the cause!

brifes, swimwear and thongs

Form-fitting clothes from Tendenze.


The Extender gradually stretches your shaft.

The Grip system lets you hang weights or bridle yourself to your leg for occasional tugging throughout the day.

The Power-Jelq device rolls along your shaft, milking you and engorging your head.


Ball stretcher weights from Kaplan, for developing low-hangers.


Tom puts the milking machine to good use!


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