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Tiger's Guide to Pumping

By Tiger Dave, Pumper
Updated February 18, 2006


The basic techniques we've covered above also apply if you use an electric pump. There are two basic types of electric gear: those that maintain a constant vacuum, which you adjust with a knob; and those that pulsate, rhythmically raising and lowering the pressure. Some electric gear will do both. The advantage of a pulsating pump is that it milks your penis continually, keeping the blood supply fresh; you pump up much faster with this gear. Some electric pumps transmit vibrations through the hose, which can feel good enough to bring you off when you're packed.

I don't want to be accused of advertising for anyone, but anyhow here are the major electric brands: VacuTech VT9000, PumpToys QS-7, Kaplan, and CTC (pulsating). I have a QS7, a VT9000, and a CTC XL2000 myself and enjoy using them, though I still regularly pump with my manual VacuTech gear.

The QS-7 is especially interesting, because you can program it through your computer. Creating and running programs is easy with the graphical user interface. The program enables you to vary the force and speed ;-{p so you can lean back and enjoy! Pumper dfox has written up one of his extended milking sessions, complete with pics.

Generally you should NOT water pump with electric gear. Check with the manufacturer as to whether the electric motor is totally isolated.

Rob pumping up with his Kaplan gear.

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