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Tiger's Guide to Pumping

By Tiger Dave, Pumper
Updated January 1, 2007


As you pump up big, you'll find that your foreskin puffs up with lymph fluid, forming a ring called a donut. You won't get a donut until you pump for a fairly long session. It takes a lot longer for fluids to seep into (and out of) the foreskin tissues than it does for blood to engorge the cock's core.

Most uncut guys don't want to get a donut, since it doesn't look "normal" and can make penetration awkward. But if you're cut, you may want to get a donut, to stretch the little foreskin you do have. I'm cut and always let myself get a donut. The donut takes longer than the rest of the penis to return to normal size after pumping, so the skin stays stretched and actually grows. I've restored enough to have 75 - 100% coverage when soft.

The donut can actually enhance your sexual pleasure, because the puffed skin is more sensitive than normal. Plus it makes a great G-spot stimulator for female or male partners. Although it can be tricky to work the donut into your partner's sex slit (especially the ass), once it's in, you're really plugged in good, and your donut rolls over your partner's pleasure points like a tongue.

To hit your lady's G-spot with your donut, it's best to enter in spoon position. For your buddy's G-spot (his prostate and the area around it), you'll want to do some exploring, and try all positions. For a beginner bottom, doggie-style works best with the donut.

The donut is especially good for buttfucking. It locks you in like the ball on a buttplug, and as you pull back, it massages the anal sphincter, giving your buddy an extra reason to love you. Try alternating long, deep strokes to work his G-spot, and short quick strokes to work the sphincter.

For fucking, the bigger the donut the better, but be careful about getting itreally huge as you'll find the stretched skin more prone to soreness. Best to build up your donut size over years of pumping: consider it the reward of a veteran pumper!

Preventing the Donut

If you have a ribbed masturbation sleeve, I have discovered a sure-fire way to prevent or reverse the donut! If you don't, read on for other techniques.

  • Pump moderately but more often - your core pumps up faster than your donut
  • Wrap the donut area while pumping, to restrict fluid inflow
  • Massage the donut area during breaks to work the fluids out
  • Pump cock and balls in a large bore cylinder so that lymph fluids flow into the balls instead of the donut

Guys have come up with lots of ways to prevent the donut. Their techniques usually involve wrapping the foreskin in something to constrict it. Be careful if you do this so as not to restrict circulation.

Tallboy recommends wearing a cut condom:

Try using a cut condom. Cut the teat off a condom with sharp scissors. We're looking for a nice clean edge. Unwind the condom and slide it over your lubed dick until the cut edge just slides over the head. Because only the teat is cut off it will hook behind the head nicely. One condom is not usually enough. I like about three or four. Any condom can be used but the extra strength ones are best. Even studded or ribbed ones are made of thick latex.

One good way to reduce the donut is to massage the donut during breaks. You can also try water pumping - this pumps you up with less vacuum pressure.

Recently I've gotten into pumping my entire package. To my surprise, the cock pumps up real big without getting much donut. It seems that the balls siphon off lymph fluids that would normally go into the donut. So I get a hardcore cock pump.

Donut Pics

You'll find a few page-fulls of donuts in the Pumper Galleries. Here's one to get you started:

April 22, 2006
Donut Packers: Gryffin, Rob, Tattman, Indiana Pumper, Bill

Kacor's exquisite, delicately pumped foreskin.

p-boy7's donut is starting to form.
Den starts to form a donut once he packs the base.
When done, he rolls his donut over his head.

When his donut subsides, Den has a thick cock with a loose skin.

Bullmann has an interesting shaped donut.

You can see Huge's donut packing his tube.
His massive donut puts a crimp in his dick, but he can still get it up.

Wesley wraps his 'skin in tape to eliminate the donut.

Tiger's typical donut.

Tiger wears a ribbed masturbation sleeve to prevent the donut.

Putting on a condom when you have a donut can be tricky.
Tiger shows how it's done. You grasp the condom ring with both hands and stretch it past the donut,
then unroll as usual.

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