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Tiger's Guide to Pumping

By Tiger Dave, Pumper
Updated September 1, 2003


Once you've pumped up your cock, you might want to do your balls as well. I tried it a few times in a 2.5" cock tube but it made my balls ache. Then I tried both cock and balls in a 3" tube and enjoyed it. During a buddy pump session I discovered how good it feels to massage the balls between sets, so I decided to do the balls in the daily program I was working on then.

Now I consider myself a ballpumper. Actually, I always do cock and balls together - I call it "package pumping." I love the balanced look of pumped up cock and balls, and the big bulging basket in my shorts and jeans. Of course, it's great to massage and play with all that heavy meat!


Ballpumping FAQ

Guys have a lot of questions about just what ballpumping does. I'll tackle these first, then get into the method I use for pumping up the package. Ballpumping is more technical than cock pumping, but that's part of the fun!

Q: Does ballpumping enlarge the testicles or the sac?

A: Both. Like cock pumping, it forces fluids into different tissues at different rates. The testicles enlarge faster than the sac, just as the core of the cock enlarges faster than the skin. So if you pump a short session, you'll get big eggs hanging in your sac. If you go for a real long session, you'll get a big bloated "grapefruit" sac.

I myself prefer big, well-defined eggs, so I do fairly short sessions (only up to about 2 hours total tube time).

Q: How big can you get?

A: During the first year or so, you'll be able to pump the balls up to what looks and feels like about double their normal size - about a 50% increase in circumference. Eventually, you'll be able to double the circumference or more. Veteran ballpumpers can reach 16 - 24 inches around, which is more than 3 times normal.


Q: How long do they stay pumped up?

A: Longer than a cock does! Like the cock, balls begin to lose volume as soon as you pull out of the tube, but they deflate far more slowly. You'll find they still look and feel huge hours afterwards, and it can take 1 or 2 days for them to return to normal. But when you don snug-fitting clothes, you'll learn that "normal" after ballpumping is really bigger than normal. It takes a week or so to lose all the volume.

Q: Is ballpumping safe?

A: Yes, if you take it easy. Keep the pressure comfortable, take a break when you get an ache.


Q: Does ballpumping increase your cum?

A: Regular ballpumpers like myself have learned that long sessions definitely increase cum volume. However, because ejaculating depletes the body's supply of zinc and other minerals, I recommend taking a zinc supplement. Keeping yourself horny also increases cum, and ballpumping helps with that.

For a complete guide to increasing cum volume, check out the Iron Man Penis program!


Q: Does ballpumping increase or decrease testosterone production?

A: Again, indirectly. It makes you horny, which encourages your gonads to pump out more T.


Q: How long does it take to get monster balls?

A: A long time! To double your circumference, you have to ballpump regularly for several years, and then pump for 4 hours or more, with heat and using good technique to control pressure.


Q: How can I pump my balls huge without overpumping the cock ?

A: Check out the tip on Marathon Ballpumping.


Q: How do you get a good seal?

A: Do the whole package, cock and balls. Over time, your balls will be larger when you start pumping, so you'll get a better seal. After several months of ballpumping, I was able to pump balls only and get a good seal.

Ballpumping Pics

How to Ballpump

It's just about impossible to get a decent seal on balls only, so guys pump both cock and balls together. You'll need a much wider cylinder (at least 2.75"), or a special-purpose one, such as a 2-stage or Monstertube). If you use a 2-stager, you need to know the trick for getting out of it. You have to reverse your pump and force air into the 2-stager to push yourself out. This won't undo your pump effect.

My favorite ballpumping cylinder is the ASTJ (Acrylic Suntea Jar) invented by Bagman. It's a 3-stage tube, nicely tapered so you can get out even when you're really packed. The silicone donut feels great and you can wear it after the session as a retainer ring.

Ballpumping moves a lot of fluid into the balls, so drink lots of extra water before and during your session. I find it best to drink an extra liter (quart) of water the day before, another liter about 90 minutes before I pump, and a glass of water every 30 minutes during the session. Needless to say, you piss out a lot of that water - but that's what it takes to get enough fluid into your system to fill that great big melon. And pissing has its uses too.

To pump balls, start by pumping your cock somewhat. This will help you get a better seal in that big tube.

Warm your balls up with a hot wet cloth, and stretch them out with a milking-style massage.

Lubricate your cock and balls well so the slide easily along the tube as you pump up. Lubricate the rim and the first inch inside your cylinder generously to help you seal.

Insert your cock and seat your balls into the opening. Then pull a couple strokes on the pump to draw those balls into the cylinder.

As when pumping cock, use just enough pressure to get a slight, comfortable pull. Ballpumping takes even longer than cockpumping, and you have to be patient. Keep the pressure constant through the first 2/3 of the set by withdrawing a little more air as you expand. In the final third, play with the pressure as you do in cock pumping.

Take a break every 15 - 30 minutes to refresh the circulation in your cock and give your ballskin a rest. If you're stuck in the tube, try working a finger in to release the vacuum, and then pull very slowly, wiggling or twisting the tube.

Massage the cock and balls during the break. Try swinging your package around - feels great and gets it ready to stretch more. Reheat with the warm wet cloth before you go back in.

Your First Time

As with cock pumping, take it easy. Balls don't tell you when they've had enough as clearly as the cock does, so watch the clock. Start with 30 minutes or so and build up to an hour over the first week.

Your first time may irritate your bladder and leave your balls real achey. You may have to piss an awful lot afterward. After a few times, your body gets used to the extra fluid in your balls and doesn't fight it.


A full ballpumping session lasts 2 - 4 hours. Experienced ballpumpers can reach 16" or more in diameter. The enormous weight of pumped balls not only feels amazing, it also stretches the scrotum so you have low-hangers for awhile even after your pump effect wears off. One side effect of ballpumping is a "stone ache" that lasts from several hours to a couple days and makes me real horny. My favorite side effect is the tickling I feel in my scrotum as it gradually deflates over the day after a big pump.

If you want permanent low-hangers, look into hanging some weights from your balls after pumping. To hang weights, make a sling out of wide elastic tape such as a jockstrap waistband and hang a couple of pounds from that. Keep it comfortable.

Ballpumping isn't for every man, but as you can see from the photos, ballpumpers get some amazing results. My first long ball pumping session was two hours - click here for the pictures. Since then, I've progressed to 4 hours - great sensations!


Ballpumping involves a lot of technique. As your balls and sac expand, they they get more and more pliable, at least up to the point where you have a grapefruit!

The first essential is warmth. This makes the sac more pliable and opens up blood vessels to allow more lymph to flow in.

Get an electric pump, like the Vacutech 9000. YOu need to maintain suction over long periods, so electric is essential.

Play with the pressure up and down to find a pattern of changes that accelerates your expansion. I find that my pattern, which I do with my Vacutech, is to raise the pressure a couple inches gradually over 3 - 5 seconds, hold it firm for 7 - 12 seconds, then ease off in 1 second. My balls reall feel it! I know I'm doing it right when my cock responds by getting good and hard.

Gently push the tube into your groin. This forces fluids from the groin into the sac and cock.

Twist your tube! Really warms up and stretches the sac, opening it to fill a lot faster.

If you're stuck in the tube and cannot even work a finger in to release the vacuum, I have found a great way to solve the problem - piss into the tube! As it fills the tube, the piss displaces the vacuum and thus eases off the suction. Lots of fun, too!

Doing the whole package is best for overall look and pleasure, but the cock cannot take as much as the balls. I do the package first until I get a fat pumped boner in my Monster Jr. Then I switch to a straight or 2-stage tube to do balls only.

For marathon sessions, you can get real big balls without overpumping the cock. Click here to find out how.

I suggest you get on-line and find yourself a ballpumping penpal or chatmate before you get into it. You're playing with your crown jewels here, so you need good advice along the way.

Ballpumper Lifestyle Tips

Doug has come up with some good-humored advice for living as a ballpumper...

#1 Before pumping, think of what you will be doing the next day that big balls might get in the way of. eg: sports that require a hard jock strap.

#2 Never pump when you know that you are going to undress to see a doctor - unless you think your doc might be a pumper - check his bulge next time you visit him!

#3 When going to the chiropracter center your sac over the hole in the table otherwise it could be very painful when he starts to work on your back!

#4 When riding in a car after a big pump you may get a tingle in your sac. This is a result of your sac being like a baggie full of jello and you feel the vibrations of the car motor and the tires. Enjoy it!

#5 When getting in a car or sitting down try to discreetly lift your sac before sitting. This can be done with practice. A lot of men, in dress pants especially, lift their pants before sitting to avoid baggy knees. No one will think anything about it if done quickly and higher up the leg.


If you have some tips, send 'em in and I will share them with the rest of the guys.

Tiger pumps up his eggs and packs his jeans

Balterboy pumps up in Mason Jars

BigOnes phat cock and melon balls

Some guys, like Bob, wear a ballstretcher while pumping 'em.

Pumpdog packing his cock'n'ball (cnb) tube.

Huge packs his cock and balls into a 3 inch tube.

And here's Tiger starting to expand in his cnb tube.

Cypberpumper illustrates the snug fit of a 2-stage tube.

Cyberpumper playing with his Monstertube.

Tom wears a Monster Jr. filled with water.

Master E achieves a monster package using the Monstertube.


Tiger pisses into his jar to ease off suction

Drink enough water before you pump and you'll have no trouble filling the tube!
Johnny hangin'
Johnny pumped
Johnny bullpumped

For variety, HungInLA pumps cock after balls.

UnCutTex's pumped low-hangers... and his nicely proportioned package.

Thick pumps up his cock and balls, settles back on his cumtowel, and goes to work.

Rick700 pumps his "pineapple balls" in a specially adapted jar.

Rick700 pumps in water, pulls out carefully, then ties off and jerks to ecstasy.

MonsterMan's 2-hour pump.

Rudi injects his sac with saline.

Some ballpumpers go for more sustained results by getting injected with silicone...

Monsterballs Chris video
Marko's squirt video

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