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Pumpers Guide August 23, 2015
by Tiger Dave Cock & Ball Pumper

Pumper Ladies

So in case
you haven't figured it out,
this site is about PUMPING:

Male pumping
for penis enlargement
(penis pumping, cock pumping),
and also for balls and nips
(ball pumping, nipple pumping).

And it's about generally enjoying your manhood!
What could be better than to see and feel a massive donkey dong or bull balls on yourself
or your buddy?

Cock pumping is the most effective method of temporary penis enlargement. Done right (meaning regularly and carefully), it helps you get bigger, harder erections. Cock pumping for 10-20 minutes during foreplay is a great way to man-up for hot sex!

Ballpumping makes for amazing experiences, and is the best way to increase cum volume (that is, the amount of semen you ejaculate).

Cock and ball pumping
is for all types of men,
straight, gay, bi.
(About 60% of Pumper's Guide visitors are str8 or bi.)
And all ages - provided you are a mature man, not a kid.
Some of the best pumpers are in their fifties and sixties!

Perv on big dicks
and massive ballsacs!

You'll also learn about...

Female pumping
for breast and clitoral enlargement
(tits, nipples,
clit, vagina, cunt pumping).

Welcome to PUMPING!

What's in Your Toolbox?

Favorite Pumper Pics

Ballpumper Assviews

Sucking Action Pics

VacuTech’s Amazing New PULSAR Electronic Pump
Features both Fixed and Pulsar exercise modes
with 5 expertly crafted routines built-in

Save over $100 US on special deals!


Read Tiger's review


Beercan Shaping Elliptical Cylinders

For Advanced Pumpers

Elliptical thickwalls from Vacutech. FEEL THE MASS!
Recommended for extra length.
You pack faster into this shape, and the thickwall anchors into the groin to help stretch the suspensory ligament.
Sleek design with a rounded lip makes it comfortable for long sessions.


Breeders - Video Pay per View at BoyzShop

The TOP 10 at BoyzShop

#10: Fucking Sheath

Train your buddy to take pumped cock by doing him for awhile with this enhancer sheath.


#9: Penis Head Enlarger

Isolating the cock head is a real rush and a great way to re-pump just before sex.
Nothing says "I'm inside you" like a phat shroom head!


#8: The "Size Matters" Enlarger

Get the best deal on a JES Extender at BoyzShop

#7: Gummy Cockhead Rings

Keep your head phat and stim your partner with a textured glans ring.

from BoyzShop

#6: Silicone Cock Rings

Try this set of 3 rings to find your ideal ring-tightness, or use them between sets when pumping up. Good for moderate pumping.


#5: Cum-Thru Penis Plug

This fascinating toy is proving very popular with cock pumpers. It slides easily into your bloated spunkhole and locks in place like a butt plug for your dick. Nice solid feel inside you! The ring makes you look pierced. You piss or cum through a hole in the tube.


#4: Custom-Sized Cylinders

No surpise here! We all need more cylinders as we learn to pump BIGGER!

from BoyzShop

#3: Steel Hand-Pump

Enjoy a lifetime of pumping service!

from BoyzShop

#2: Speed-snap Cockring

Classic adjustable leather ring can fit a pumped cock or regular or moderately pumped balls. Versatile essential gear for the active man.

When not pumping, you might want to try the more restrictive cock and ball harness shown below!


#1: Super Stretch Cockrings

Silicone rings stretch to fit over pumped cocks - you can even get the Universal Ring (photo below) up and over your pumped sac!

from BoyzShop


Beginner Pumps

Get the feel of pumping
before you invest in serious gear.

Pistol-grip with Pressure Gauge
I don't know if the pump is a MityVac - looks like one, only black instead of the standard white.
Also available with inner jackoff sleeve.

Premium Starter Pumpset
Complete cock-pumping kit; choose your cylinder size. Includes adjustable cockring to help you maintain your size. (Tiger recommends wearing a shaft ring only for 30 minutes or less - just long enough to Do the Job!

from BoyzShop

Kaplan Starter Pumpset
This definitely is a MityVac II, with a high-quality acrylic cylinder. Also available with a second fat cylinder for beginner cock-n-ball pumping.

Big Man's Pump

12 x 2.5 inch clear cylinder with 3 interchangeable latex sleeves: small, medium and large, to accomodate the length and girth of a big and long man. Measurement tick marks on cylinder, quick release valve.


More Tubes, Plugs n Toys

Elliptical at an Affordable Price

This innovative design is shaped like your shaft - tapered on the underside and flat on top. The snug fit underneath helps prevent ballsac being pulled in, and you pack faster so you can work on length.


Butt Ball Plug with Cock Ring

Fuck yourself with your own pelvic thrusting!

from Extreme Restraints
Free shipping on orders of $69 or more through June 30. Just enter coupon code JUNESHIP.

New & Hot! Magnetic Nip Tuggers
(click Tit Play in the nav bar)

If your nubs have what it takes, this device will grab on 'em and hold fast through all sorts of activities!
Feel the power! Amaze your buddies!

from Fort Troff


Pumpers Handbook   Richly illustrated, 65-page guide to pumping techniques.
Not written by Tiger Dave. For those of you who are too lazy to click around the Pumpers Guide website ;-)

Nips Cupping Set with Acu-Points

Quick & easy nip pumping, with extra stim from the inserts!



Vibrating Sound

Stim your spunkhole and your cockhead from the inside with this specially-designed vibrator.



Prince Albert Wand

The ultimate sound for your pierced guys! Work it down into the shaft, then screw in the sidebar through your piercing hole to lock it in! Insert the end-lug to hold your spunk, or remove to let fly!



The Curve

Stuff your donut into this male chastity device and feel your core get hard !

from BoyzShop

Penis Enlargement Video

Exercises to build up your capacity to pump up and hold the blood in your cock, keeping it big and hard.


Big Man Masturbation Sleeve

This stroker has a closed end to preserve suction while you work it. Ribs and ticklers make it irresistable. I put mine between pillows and use it to practice fucking.

from BoyzShop

Train Yourself to be a Power Bottom!

LELO Bob Prostate Plug

This new prostate stimulator is fast becoming a top-seller as men learn how effective it is. Slides in easily but works you like a big dong. Wiggle it using the handy ring and it fires up all those sexy nerves and reflexes around your anal sphincter, your penis bulb and prostate gland. Before you know, you'll turn into a bucking-bronc bottom!

from BoyzShop


Aneros Progasm

Fast becumming every man's favorite butt toy. The Progasm is shaped perfectly for milking the 'state, and is just thick enough to feel comfortably intense for the average dude (not a power bottom). The two external nubbins intensify your P-spot pleasure.

Guys report super-intense orgasms after inserting this when already close to cumming. Wonderful also for start-to-finish buttwork. Even milks out your jism when you're soft!


The Houdini

If you're too phat for the Curve, try this handsome spigot cover. Perfectly shaped for the classic donut curve - you'll watch your head-end erect above the spigot !

from ExtremeRestraints


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