Tiger's Xtreme Pumping


I'm a moderate pumper, but once a month or so I like to pump Xtreme.

I didn't have a camera when I did my most extreme pumping, but here's a recent pump. I guess this is what you would call a "moderately extreme" session!

I pumped for 2 hours in the morning (5 sets of 15 minutes, plus breaks) using the VT9000 - which pumps me up fast - and then re-pumped for 20 minutes in the evening with my manual MityVac. Beginning pumpers note: to get even this phat you should pump at least 4 hours. Don't try to go too fast!!

To accelerate the pump, I did a lot of tube jacking, Kegel contractions and watched big-cock porn. I wanted a donut to stretch my foreskin, so I didn't bother massaging it down. I paid a price for this, because my donut packed and then the pressure on my glans produced a small hickey.

After the pump, to keep the donut from getting sore, and to heal the hickey, I slathered on some vitamin E and A oil and wore a condom to protect myself.

The next morning, I was able to get good hard and fat wood.


I started out with two light, easy 15-minute sets. Here I am after the second set.
Xtreme requires xcellent circulation, so I milked between each set.
My milking technique now is to squeeze and twist - squeeze from the index finger out to the little finger.

Starting to fatten in the tube
Packing at the base and starting to form a donut
Jacking the tube to improve circulation
Donut starting to pack. Tubejacking is a lot more fun once this happens!
Back in after a break. The ligament has relaxed and you can see I'm stretching out more now.
Re-packing the donut
Shaft is pretty well packed. Real good tubejerking now!
Pulling out for a break
The precum tickles as it dribbles out!
Packin again - tighter now - donut getting wide
Tubejerking is awesome at this point!
And very necessary to keep the ache off.

Porn inspires me to pump up faster.
I like to watch cocks in action - fucking cunt or getting sucked by another man.
This superfat cock appears in a Home Town Guys video, "Wall to Wall Sex #1."

Well packed, thick donut. Jerkin it steadily.
Phat in the tube
Outta time and the skin feels tight.
Notice the "elastic" reaction of the ligament and shaft once the pressure is off.
Actually I'm happy that it pulls back - if it didn't, it would mean I'd weakend myself by pumping.

The phat result of two hours' good pumpin!
Good phat phat donut - not too deformed!
Uh oh - I overdid the pressure and got a hickey.
I give myself a warm soaking - standard practice.
Then I slap on the vitamin oils and a rubber.

That evening, I pump another 15 minute set to freshen up.
Felt some good hard nightwood and got it up for some play next morning.
Sorry I missed the 45-degree boner - I must be camera-shy, 'cause I always start to sag when I power up the Sure Shot.

Time-lapse tube action

Time-lapse phattening

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