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Diary of a

By Tiger Dave, Pumper
Updated May 19, 2003




Like most cock pumpers, I've always been amazed at the massive baskets on ballpumpers, and I've been curious but reluctant to pump my balls. Having tried it a couple times in a cock tube, I didn't like the ache and didn't think I'd ever be able to get em huge they way those good ole ballpumper boys do.

Recently I acquired a couple of wide straight tubes, big enough for a beginning ballpumper. I tried em a couple times and enjoyed it.

One night toward the end of September, I had a funny dream in which an attractive woman doctor advised me to pump every day for 3 weeks in a row. I took her up on it, doing cock only the first week.

That weekend, Bill, a novice pumper, visited me for a buddy pump. He really wanted to do balls, so I joined him. He had a great technique of tugging and massaging the sac during breaks. It all felt so good, I decided to add balls to my three-week routine.

I found that the best way to faithfully keep up daily routine was to pump while eating breakfast and getting ready for work. So I became a Breakfast Ballpumper. Of course I took photos of my progress, but then I realized that I was learning something every day, so I should keep a diary. Too late for the first month, so I will just give a quick summary. For month 2, I'm going to fill in every day.

Balterboy cinches his massive package ... pressing his meat

VacPumpPig opens up in his 2-stage

Alright Let's Do It!



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