PICS May 9, 2010
Ladies Inspiring Pumpers


From the Germanstretch Collection

  The cock's little sister

  The hood opens

  Dripping wet and ready ...

  For pumper dick!

  The clit comes for strokin'

  All this action inspires Germanstretch ...

  ... to pump !

  Donut starting to form

  Rolling that donut

Nice pucker man!

  Thick one!

  Cinched and eager for action

  Luscious fuckmeat

  Lubing her up

  Going in

  Now do the other hole

  Hello !

  Let's get a look



  Mmm! Mmm!

  Hot hood ...

  ... primed for thick shaft!

  Getting her used to it

  Getting her familiar with it

  Driving in!

  Clits love being pumped

  Preliminary result

  Heavy-duty clit pumping

  ... with simultaneous G-spot stroking!


  The cock's little sister ...

  ... meets her big brother!


Allison & Rick

  Allison does it all

  Enjoying the suction



  Rick joins in


  Thick and drooling



  What have we here?

  Petals waiting to be plumped up

 In the pussy pump

  The female rosebud

  Mmm ... ready!


Bobeltje's Lady

  In between pump sessions

  Tucked in

  Ready for tweaking!

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Ultraclassic & Wife

  Enjoying her pussy pump


  Relaxing in the sun

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  An inspring view gives Teufel an idea ...

  ... to feel what it's like ...

  ... to get fucked!

  Ah! ...

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Gina TG

  In the boob tubes

  Doing the nips

  Nice pull



  More nips work


  Joenips gets inspried by Gina

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Camille & Electaglide

  Gorgeous Camille!

  Helps her pumper man ...

  Squirt !

  ... which keeps the rest of us going ...

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