PICS April 17, 2010
Wet Poles



  The ultimate wet pole

  Table top

  Gooey good

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Prelude writes: After 30 minutes in this 2.5x12 it was time to move on to the next size up!

After pumping in 3 different size tubes this is the cock size achieved

After an hour in the 3.5x10 was at extremely low pressure almost none in this one. With some pressure the tube is FULL cock only!

Doing the whole basket ...

Moved into my 5x10 and attempted to fill it. Gonna take some time but a good start nonetheless.

Huge balls laid out in front of me as I'm seated

After only an hour in my stj.

  Shades of Balterboy
1 hour in stj standing up letting the balls hang

In between pump sessions ...

75% hard and certainly getting harder.

Unpumped full on erection. Ready to beat off!

Unpumped capture of cum flying from my cock!

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  Classic over the fingers onto the sac

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  Lightly pumped

  Seeking worm

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John Virgin

  Pumped dong

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  Drooling donut

  Getting it up

  First cum

  Flowing good


  Now the big rope cums!



  Sac n dick smacked

  Pleased to meet me

  Getting thick ...
See the donut starting to push the head up?

  Nice pack

  Pumper precum

  Pair o poles

  Cock cage around the nads

  Re-pumping the cock

  Time to play with the sound


  If only it could vibrate!

  Cinched and stuffed

  Pull me!


  Yeah man, twist it!

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Get your pole WET ! ...

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