PICS February 14, 2010

Pairs, Trios and More !

Alison & Rick

A new realm of pleasuring...

  Pleasure points

  Getting ready for her

  Oh yeah! Packed!

  The big'un and the littl'un

  Soon to be together

  And how about this?

  Phat 4 her

  Phat n slick

  Drooling in anticipation!

Alison & Rick write:

We'd like to thank you for your informative site. Your site has been most helpful in getting us started. We decided to try it together and it is a fetish that has brought us much pleasure. Here are some pics of us at play.

Thank-you again for providing honest and accurate information, if possible more information for women or a link would be appreciated.

Thank you,
Allison & Rick

Tiger replies:

Great idea to provide more info for the ladies. For starters, here's a link to the ladies forum at Newart.

MRuss & Bulgeguy25

First time pumping together...

  Twin bags

  Melon pressing

  Mmmm ... perfect



Prelude to a fuck...

  Greg packing

  Greg's buddy

  Buddy's horn

  Pumpers' cuddle

  Pumpers' kiss

  Getting in


Email Greg


Bobeltje & Bride

The man pumps up for his lady...

  Getting it THICK

  Big donut roll

  Massive fucker!

  Requesting entry


Fitpumper & Bry

Good buddies, handsome pumpers...

 Fit pumping up

 Bry's stogie

  Fit's stogie

  Fit gonna self-suck?

  Buds together!


Scott VacPumper4Bud

Friendly Scott, always bringing new guys to pumping!

  Always pumped and pumping

  Scott shows a buddy what it's all about


  Fresh meat

  The action begins


Luckydevil's Pumping Party

Pumping ... a fine social time ...



  Feelin fine!

  Ah... nice pack and precum drooling!

  Pulling a bead

  Help from a buddy


Luckdevil writes:

We had a little pumping party! At one point we had as many as 6 pumpers, plus the photographer!
Sounds, water, vibrators, ball stretching, etc. Fun was had by all.

Scorpio Rising

Scorpio invited a buddy over for a three-way session...

  Shy hello

  Massive pumped clit!

  Cock protocol

  The boys pump up

  Getting big

  They present themselves to the goddess

  Luscious !

  Can't wait!

  She takes it ...

  ... works it ...

  ... invites it ...

  ... welcomes it!


youngerpumper & nycyoungpump

Getting together for their first buddy-pumping session...

  Tandem jar men

  Duelling horns

  Nice pair!


Fucking a Pumped Rosebud

Hot pumped meat in hot pumped meat!

  Pumped cock in pumped bud

  Pushing it in

  All the way in!


Some Buttfucking from the Archives

What would Valentines Day be without plenty hot fucking?

  Aiming it

  Lining up

  Poking ... feels good!

  A jock nicely offsets a bubble butt

  Oh yeah! Ride him man!

  Outdoor pounding

  High-angle frontal

  Bouncing on the pleasure pole

  Slick "barebacker" rubber



  Ahh ...


You ready to start  Pumping  Bud ?


Hey Guys, send in your pics!

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