PICS Aug 10, 2008


Welder Man Buddy Pumps with Tiger


Welder Man


The Gear Table

First Set

We pumped up nice and easy the first set:
Welderman followed a 30-minute stair-step program on the QS-7 (1.5" - 1.8 - 2 - 2.3 - 2.5 - 2.8 - 3); Tiger did manual

Second Set

Welder Man stands a horm in Tiger's wet ASTJ

Having a nice warm bath

Tiger does likewise in the Bullmaster

Sharing a relaxing time

Filling out

Great second set result for Welder Man, after only 60 minutes pumping

Good hard boner

Ready for milking

Third Set

Now it's W-M's turn in the Bullmaster

Donut forming

Sac really bloating out!

Tiger comes over for a chat

Buddy pumping!

Massive fill

Great sconce

Feel that weight man

Record size in 90 minutes of pumping

Meet 'n' greet

Pumpers handshake

Stroking time

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Email Tiger Dave

You ready to start  Pumping  Bud ?

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