PICS Feb 5, 2011


Baseskija Buddy Pumps with Tiger

  Baseskija's been pumping on-and-off for a couple years, and wanted to take some lessons. Today he pumped his nads for the first time!



Before Pumping

Baseskija stuffed down into his jock.

Tiger noticing how fat he's gotten!

Nice definition

Classic pumper profile

Baseskija rock-hard as always ... and wearing the heaviest gauge PA

Tiger rising to the occasion


Didn't know my spunkhole looked like that!

First Set

Takin it nice n easy ... started out at 2" Hg in warm water, pumped by the QS 7

Baseskija stands a horn in the ASTJ

Tiger goes for "pull" in a str8 tube

Baseskija can feel how his nads are already expanding

Tiger enjoys nice volume in his fucker and his eggs

Male bonding

Second Set

Baseskija's started out the second set in a cock tube, then switched to the ASTJ

Tiger also did some cock, then into the Bullmaster

Noticeably more volume in the whole basket


Baseskija's never felt his sac this big before - awesome progress!


Third Set

Dang it! We were having so much fun we forgot to take photos!
Will do next time!

Baseskija's profile

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