Guys and Dolls

Man Meets Woman

TexPack off BVI

Webfun's girlfriend readies herself with her dildo while he pumps up his head for maximum G-spot action
She takes it in - biggest she's ever had! The double cock rings maintain his full size.

Isabelle & Marc - pumping couple

Isabelle invites Marc to enter

Another pumping couple... easing his way in
Elin rewards Lee for his big pump

Taking Big Cock

Splitting her open
Check out that guy's pumped cock - as thick as his forearm
Another thick one
Takin' on two pumpers

Cunt Play

Opening her
Female rimming
Tongue fuck
Ooooh... that tickles!
Rim shot

Doggie Style

Big cock, luscious cunt

Takin' Ass, Like da Boys

Wriggling in
Just the head

Vacutech has a line of female pumping gear


Watch 'em fuck while you pump !


Mariah Milano


Wanna see GIANT COCKS splitting hungry pussy ?


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