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Using a nipple pump to draw the clit from her lair

The clit becomes a mini cock
Finished result

Amanda tells the story of her first clit pumping session ...

My first clit pump came in the mail this week.  It was a gift to myself and I'm so glad I got it!  It's a medical device, too.  So there's that.  :)  It's the Original Clitoral Enhancement system, replete with a sweet little cup clit vibe that rocks.

Since there is very little written on the Webs about how a girl pumps, I had to go with a guy pumper site and modify the information.  It worked!  I had a very long and satisfying session ending in the longest and horniest orgasm I've ever had.  It followed with an all-night masturbation session comprising several more bang-up climaxes using my other toys.

My clit got very big and hard during the session.  And the size didn't last as long as the sensitivity.  But my clit and labia are already big to begin with.  Although my clit has never been THAT hard before!  :)

I brought a small bucket of hot water and a washcloth into my office.  I started off with a warm compress applied several times as I looked at movies of fellows beating off and sloppy cum shots.  Sitting on the compress felt really good.  I'm completely shaved.   I had a small standing mirror on my desk positioned for my viewing.  My genitals were warm, relaxed, and a little enlarged.  I put lube inside the clit vibe cup and gently circled it around my clit and labia until the grew used to the agitation.  Then I applied the 1.25" cylinder over my clit and pumped until it tingled.  I let it rest like that being careful not to give myself a hickey.  Once I was used to the sensation, I pumped another pump.  I graduated only in half pumps for my first time.  It felt really good to bob the cylinder up and down, letting it flail at the end of the tube as I wiggled the pump handle. 

I imagined my lady-dick was getting sucked by a hot mouth, or fucking a tight, wet, hot hole.  I tried the 1" cylinder, then the .5".  I kept changing sizes, lubing, pumping, and wiggling until I grew frantically aroused.  At one point my clit was very hard and distended a little over an inch.

An odd sort of side effect happened with too much moisture where my labia kept slipping into the tube and robbing my clit of the pleasing suction.  I began to use the cylinders as if they were a sucking wet mouth hungrily slurping at my clit.  It felt great and made those cute sucking sounds, close to real.  One side was getting more swollen than the other.  So I concentrated suction on the other side and got my clit to be uniformly hard on both sides.  The first time I've experienced that!  My left side was hyper-sensitive.  But the symmetry allowed for a good seal so my sneaky labia stopped jumping in and wrecking the fun.  :)

This made an orgasm inevitable.  I was hard and lubed up enough that I could fuck the tube with my clit!  It felt excellent to spin the tube around my wet swollen clit.  I see why a dick might like that.  :)  What eventually got me off was the afore-mentioned up-and-down wiggling technique.  It also felt good to release and pump so that the tube was 'kissing' the ending of my clit.

My clit nearly filled the entire .5" tube, it looked like a little 2.5" - 3" penis.  And it bobbed a little on it's own as I looked at arousing imagery.  It stayed a little swollen and tender for about an hour after.  It rubbed nicely against the fabric of my pants and I walked a little funny.  But all-in-all it was a very satisfying experience.  I thank you all for the inspiration.  Keep up the good work!

I'm going to do it again !!


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Using her man's cocktube

Man's gonna get a nice tight fit
Isabelle's flesh pillow
Doing it all


Learning from the boys
Specialized gear
Expanding nicely
Pumped up and ready ...
... for spreading
Full pack, lady-style
Ah... pull and push

Little Cocks

Compare their sizes (you can see him hangin' in his shorts)
Hooded beauty !
Hangin out
Squeeze that little head out where we can see it, babe!
Tiny glans
Head to head


Take your pick
Lovely triad
Fresh country to explore
Cute as a button!
The oyster
Cool steel
Reaching for the GO-button
A loyal dog

Riding the Shaft

Oooh yah... that hits the spot!
When a man's not handy, what's a girl to do ...? Or, how about turning yourself into a vibrator, man!?
Prep her for your phat pumped cock !
Finding his way in
Her hood rolls onto his shaft while his cone probes her G-spot
Yeah! Pump it deep and stroke that little beauty
The best way to fuck
Pound it buddy!
All the way
Looking for her G-spot in the male fashion
Double the buzz ! You might want to train her first ;-p

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