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After the Pump!
- by Senex
Lurker pumps up over a period of two hours
John's lightly pumped,
veiny cock
Kacor has ample puckered foreskin
Kacor ready for docking
Custom fitted cylinder from Froehle in Germany here worn by
BearLover 1.1
Tiger starting to pack...
very nicely packed
Tiger's time-lapse series

Lurker photographs himself during each break, documenting the steps to getting HUGE
John1 pumps his curved stalk in water while wearing a latex cockring
EMT seems to be levitating!
He must be feeling pretty good right now!
Charlie packs his Monster Jr
Kacor packs his cock and ball tube
Some guys, like Bob, wear a ballstretcher while pumping 'em
These guys go all out with the leather stuff
Cyberpumper playing with his Monstertube
Pekka relaxing
Pumped Beauty
- by Daulton
Rick700 pumps his distinctive "pineapple balls" in a specially adapted jar
TexPack relaxes in a balloon-like thong
The Pumper's Shave above Tiger's dick - subtle but distinctive!
Tiger, you're so vain
Tiger after 20 minutes... the pullout, and the results
Tiger neatly pumped
Cruzin nice and phat
Beerman goes for a beercan
Zeepumper illustrates 4 degrees of pumping - from moderate to fat donut - all good pumps
Lurker pumped... lazy ... and erect
TenOrMoreIsFine pops out of his shorts

Kacor's exquisite, delicately pumped foreskin
Tiger's typical donut
Tiger wearing a condom over his donut
After a couple more months of pumping in his MonsterJr tube, see how much bigger Tom is getting
Arcadio packs his tube... and then his jeans
Rob Smith's champion pumped, dockable schlong
Rob Smith pumped and semi-hard
Another champion schlong ... the "other" Uncut Tex
Ian pumps up a fat cock and melon balls
Pumped up boner
Campbell pumps it up and puts it to good use
Nice job, man!

Feel those folds a-shakin!
Kacor's buddies up close and personal...
... and in action!
One of Kacor's buddies creams
Awesum shows us what to do after pumping up

And here is pumper Tim shooting a long white rope
My Buddy My Boner - by Senex

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