Tiger's Ballpump

I've tried ballpumping a few times for half an hour or so. It felt kinda good, so I got a couple of cnb ("cock and ball") tubes from Vacutech. Here's a record of my first real ballpumping session.

I went for three hours, taking it nice and easy. I didn't pump up to monster size like an experienced ballpumper, but I sure got an effect! For two days after, I felt like I needed a jockstrap to take the weight, and my shorts were uncomfortably tight. I noticed people were looking at my pants more than usual, too!


Left: I've been pumping in the 3" tube for two sets of 20 minutes. Starting to get eggy balls.
Right: For comparison, here's my pack a little later. Filling out more.
Now I'm starting to get a melon pack. Feels like it too!
Yep, that's a cigar I'm chewing on. Another of my occasional vices!
My pack is getting more square and feeling snugger and deeper.

Sorry these pics are slightly out of focus. I was too excited I guess!
Eggymelon is what I call this pack.

Pumpin and chewin a stogie - ahhh.... good to be a man.
Underneath and side views.
The balls are getting even longer and fuller. The cock isn't pumping up as much as I expected. Goes more slowly when doing balls.
Phat and lazy in my cylinder.

All this technology... makes a small grapefruit.
Man I'm heavy now!
Hangin' easy after a couple hours in the ballpump. Cock is fattened, balls are heavy and pleasantly achey. Feels like they need to pump out a heavy load ;-)

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