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The Pics

Le Pamplemousse

Like many advanced ballpumpers, Le Pamplemousse occasionally injects a liter of saline to give himself a huge, tight sac.

  Injecting the saline

  Honeypot ... Oh Yeah !

  Ringed and ready

  Punch it man !

  Superbloat pucker


  Balls bigger than his buns !

  Medicine ball

  Saline sac


  Take it all dude !

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Pete in Germany

  Good stretch

  Yeah, phat !

  Oh yeah !

  Record fill !

  Swing that honeypot

  Classic cinched worm

  Hang that thong

  Peel that skin back

Pete in Germany writes:

pumper pete from hamburg, germany
i send you some pics of pumping and after 2 liters saline into the balls


Electric Pumper

  600 cc saline infused

  Now pump the cock

  Pack it

  Get into the big tube

  Suck the whole package

  Slap this against the wife's labia !

  Classic eggs and donut

Electric Pumper writes:

I have been pumping since I was in my mid 20's, I am 47+ now,
I have my wife pumping also but she was not home today (had to work) bummer...
We'll get some pics of her also soon.

I do saline inflation only a few times a year but today was the day for 2003.
I infused 600 cc and then pumped cock for 2 hrs.

The best way I have found to enhance pumping is Viagra.
It works very well in the pumping department as well as the true sex department.
Do a 100mg and wait about 1 hour, today that was about the time it took for a 600 cc inflation.

Keep up the good work.



  Mike shakes his saline filled balls



  Stretch that sac before injecting ...

  Massive bag !

  Torture it good

  Big bag player

Email Paddy | Website

I'm 29 years, 185 cm, 75 kg from Switzerland (Zurich).
I like pumping my cock (21 x 5 cm) and my balls.
I also do saline solution, it's a nice feeling.



  Injecting ... feel those guiches tighten !

  Full !

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  Feel it getting heavier


  Pinching a saline sac feels so good man !

  Now pump the stalk

  Hang that heavy gourd

  Total Pumper Ecstasy

KinkNL writes:

I am a pervert vacupumper love it somtimes with saline infusions.
Any pumpers here in the Netherlands?
Visit me with your tubes wold love to try Monstertube.


Sam in Sweden

  Injecting the Hard Way !

  Feel that fast bloat !

  Excited saline man

  Stroke the tip and shake that sac
'til you cum !

Email Sam



Balls injected with 1500 cc

  Super heavy hanger

  Bump 'em !

  To keep 'em big ...
cinch 'em

Balls bloated with 2500 cc

  Flop that gourd

  Swing it man !

  Pumped ass ...
ready for ball-banging action !

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  Too big for ballpumping

  Keep trying

  Cinched Honeypot

  Fucking his keyboard

  Beautiful 1100 ml saline

  Feel the ticking resonate

  Balancing act

  Cinched good!

  Lick it man !

  Feel your way in

  Saline Man shorts

  With a back way in


  Buckle up before riding

  This is for you !

  Too big for shorts

  Can-sized ... bury your face in this !

  Cradle that weight

  Bump it .. faster .. faster !

Email Rudi about saline injecting


Jim W

  Bloated eggs

Jim writes:

You wanted my balls, here they are!



1000 mL saline injected into the ballsac



  Pierre pumps his balls with a saline injection


  Staring down the stogie



Upskirtman injects his balls with a liter (1000 ml) of saline solution.
WOOD has instructions for using saline.



  Full Calvins

  Popping out

  Nice square sac !

  Tight cinched

  Lolling about

  Press back for licking

Malco writes:

Saline strip session from Malco, pumpingfrance moderator.
2 hours pumping before infusion 1 liter.

Visit Malco's Yahoo Pumping France forum


Mike at Leatherrush

  Saline filled

  Honey pot

Email Mike | Website



  Filled with saline and filling a Hillcrest thong

  Twist it

  Great look !

  Pumper profile


  Feel that weight

  Full bulb!

  Happy Saline Man

Rubberdog writes about Saline at Pumpers Weekend 2:

I live here in sunny Palm Springs and bought a day-pass to CCBC for the Pumpers Weekend. Before hand, I had written to the guys at LeatherRush and bought two saline kits. And a new thong from Hillcrest, whopper size of course!

I got there at about 2pm Saturday afternoon and found Mike and Tom, from LeatherRush, pumping by the hot tub. Everywhere Ilooked, there were guys pumping. The non-pumpers were definitely a tiny minority there. I've never seen so many fat cocks and huge ballsacs in one place.

Mike and Tom found a nice shady spot under a tree and decided to get the saline flowing. Mike went first. Oh man what a beautiful sac he ended up with after 1000cc of saline!!! Tom was next and let me tell you... this guys sac sucked up 1000cc of saline in about 20 min!! What a pig!!
I was next. Now, I've always had this abject fear of needles, but this was something Ireally wanted to try, so Mike helped hook me up when I finally screwed up enough courage. Ican't describe the scene after they got the drip going. Iwas so nervous, Iwas shaking and all the guys were so kind about it. One guy, never did catch his name, went and got me water. (Thanks hot guy with the water!) Another guy there, Ruben, was also helping Mike with my infusion. (Thanks Ruben and email me!!) There were so many guys standing around watching, ready to help in any way they could, including standing in the way to block the sun from my eyes!! Coming up and feeling my sac as it swelled up, sending pleasurable shivers down my spine.

And let me tell you, Mike made sure that each kit was uber complete! Not only was there the saline, drip line and syringe. He also threw in rubber gloves, sterile wipes, iodine wipes, bandages, gauze, information / instruction sheet, cock ring (which he makes), and i'm sure i'm leaving something out. Mike and Tom were very attentive, clean and safe about the whole thing, it was great!!

After I was finished, the feeling of all that sac between my legs was incredible!! When I got home, Daddy and Ihad dinner, watched a movie and had fun evening at home. Sorry Imissed all the pumpers at The Barracks! It's still pretty big this morning (Sunday) and I'm enjoying the hell out of it!

So, thanks, Mike, Tom, Ruben, and the un-named guy with the water! You guys made the day a memorable one!!!



  Cradle that saline sac

  Long and heavy

  Thinking about it




  Swing 'em!

  Pull 'em!

  Jiggle 'em!

  Oh yeah!

  Smear those ropes!

  Good one!

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