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Glenn's an avid pumper and buttfuck aficionado. Over the years, he's collected classic pics from the mags and the web, and now he's sharin'em with us!

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Thanks Glenn!

Before you Fuck...
Knuckle up!

Spread your bottom's cheeks and play around his hole to find your way in
Thigh Spreader

Spread his legs and work your thick member into his hungry tight hole - give 'im as much as he can take and then some!
Make a man of him!

Takes plenty lube to get something that thick into a hole that tight
Good One

So thick! Hold position and let him heat up
Thigh Enhancer

Bounce up and down, smackin' yer sac on his cheeks and driving your rod deep into his pleasure centers
Ass Splitter

Pound away! Make that bed squeak
Getting the Point Across

Get in deep and press your balls - hold still or you'll cum !
It'll Cum Around

Change angles, go deep, find your bottom's prostate and stroke it
A Fuckin' Pretzel !

Can you train your bottom to do this?
Bubble Butt Delight

Now you know why they're always talkin' about bubble butts! Drive it into him!
Fucking !

Pound away, shake his balls!
Back Tatoo

Now that he's a real man, let him ride on top
Ever so Slowly

Work him inch by inch toward anal orgasm
BIG Slow Withdrawal

Pleasure him with your shroom head as it pulls back
Two Hands Full

Help him pound down on you
Glenn's All-Time Favorite Pic

What could be better than two handsome muscle bucks going at it?
These Guys Barebacked:
You won't
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