Face to Face "Froglegs"

Nice friendly entry position. Face to face stimulates the prostate best, as the horn rim of the top's corona nubbles the prostate.
Also the most social position and the easiest for working the bottom's cock.
Deep fast strokes and frequent changes of angle recommended.

Classic Doggie Style

Doggie style stimulates prostate as the top's cock bumps and rubs across it,
and the male G-spot, as the top's balls bang into it. Most rough'n'ready anal position. Long, deep strokes recommended.

High Angle Bareback

Switching to a higher angle intensifies prostate stimulation as the top's cock tip nudges it.
Short, quick strokes recommended.

Bottom Sits on Top

Sitting maximizes deep penetration and stimulates the prostate by pressure rather than stroking.
Best used when the bottom is about to cum. Recommended if the top is very thick or the bottom
cannot take a lot of movement.


Stimulates the prostate like doggie style. G-Spot is accessible to hand work.
Top can jerk off the bottom.




Double Trouble



The Great Outdoors



Bi Guys Business Trip

Joe (bearded) and Ben
are buddies who have jerked each other regularly since college.

Although married, they arrange trips together so they can carry on their relationship.

On the first night of this trip, Joe invites Ben to "act out your fantasy, man."

Joe gets on top for a face ride. Where will it lead?
Ben rolls him over and they rub cocks while Ben nibbles Joe's nips.

Now Joe gets on top, but Ben opens his ass.

Joe is getting the message and moans appreciatively

Sure of what Joe wants, Ben lubricates him with his tongue.
Ben strokes Joe's crack with his thick, hard, precum-lubed cock - final prep for entry.
Ben requests final clearance.


Joe's never had it like this before, but he knows immediately that from now on, he is Ben's Bottom.

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Anal Training


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Train your bottom with this three-piece set of butt plugs.

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Train the sphincter's pleasure response with anal beads.
A great way to magnify a jackoff gasm!
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Final Prep
Unless your top is into scat, you'll wanna clean yourself out good beforehand.
Get Him Hot
Not into rimming? Try this instead.
Positioning Gear


Hey, it's hard work bottoming!
Make it easy to get and stay in position with fuck furniture.

Help your bottom get into position for doggie style, and change angles every few strokes to keep him fresh.
Cuff your bottom's ankles and romp him into dozens of angles of bareback delight.
Advanced buttfuckers know the extra fun a sling brings to the action.


What size rubber does a pumper need?
You really wanna bareback? Try these first.
Ya gotta be hard to push your way into a nice tight ass!
Turn your cock into a butt vibrator!
Textured rings give your bottom an extra nudge with every thrust.
Shape and rib your cock for maximum buttfucking!
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Get Him Ready
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Anal-Eze desensitizes the rectum so he can take It in without that initial shock. The prostate remains fully sensitive.
Spike anal lube comes in its own applicator.
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The Top
Goes Along
for the Ride

A great top enjoys some fun in the bum too!
Wear one of these easy-insert plugs while you pound away! The rocking action drives your prostate and sphincter wild!

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Go it Alone
Nowadays, you can get fucked by technology!
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